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Iraqiya forms coalition to withdraw confidence from Maliki

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Iraqiya forms coalition to withdraw confidence from Maliki

16/04/2012 18:29

BAGHDAD, April 16 (AKnews) - The Iraqiya list, Kurdish Blocs Coalition, National Coalition and "important" religious authorities will join forces to replace Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The details of the understandings between the groups will be announced soon, according to the Iraqiya list yesterday.

The party, led by former prime minister Ayad al-Allawi, said it had begun making moves to achieve a "national consensus" to withdraw the confidence of Maliki's government over his management of the Iraqi State, and said he taken all powers.

Maliki has responded that the powers granted to him are constitutional and those who oppose them must change the constitution instead of blaming opponents.

The spokesman for the National Accord Movement, Hadi al-Dhalimi, said that the procedures for the withdrawal of confidence will be announced at a meeting between political leaders to be held very soon,but did not specify the date.

The move comes amid the escalation of differences between Erbil and Baghdad, where the former accused the latter of escaping the implementation of agreements and described Maliki as someone who is trying to acquire all the top governmental positions.

A source close to Maliki ruled out the possibility of any political movement affecting the position of SLC and Maliki.

Izzat al-Shabandar said: "I personally hope the alliances are disbanded, whether at the level of the Iraqiya, National Coalition or Kurdish Blocs Coalition.

"The disbandment of the political blocs is an evidence and a message to politicians that alliances built on a sectarian basis do not hold up and they must think about the formation of alliances on a practical basis."

The differences between the political blocs escalated after the arrest warrant was issued against the Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi and most recently after the arrests of Electoral Commission Chairman Faraj al-Haidari and member of the Board of Commissioners Karim al-Tamimi.

While the leaders in the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq,led by Ammar al-Hakim and belongs to the National Coalition (NC), considered the withdrawal of confidence would complicate the issues.

Aziz al-Ugaili, the Deputy for the National Alliance, called for the end of current differences and to reach an understanding through the National Conference that President Jalal al-Talabani called for.



Sadr's movement reveals a collection of 105 signatures to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister two sessions

Palm - counting on the mass of the Liberal MP Jawad Hasnawi the mandate of the Prime Minister two sessions constituencies is the best solution in order to cut the road from monopoly power and domination as it is happening now under the presidency of Nuri al-Maliki.

The results of a survey conducted by the Center of Trustees to the polls on the opinion of the Iraqi street, establishing the mandate of Prime Minister showed a tendency majority of respondents to the mandate of the Prime Minister as the number of supporters of the mandate of Prime Minister 77.5 per cent and were divided between supporters of one session and two sessions while 22.5 want to be open.

He added that Hasnawi it must be done and the consensus of political blocs, but the problem is that there is a complement of some parties that you want to keep this situation and the survival of the dominant and dominant leaders.

He pointed out that it is normal for these blocks to be paid in this direction because it is the sole beneficiary of the possibilities of the state and the state has made a move and Kartonat governments and the characters, pointing out that this issue must become a serious stand off.

And cross-Hasnawi hoped that the vote is to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister in the Iraqi parliament, especially after we collected more than 105 parliamentary votes for this purpose in this session on the lower estimate.

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