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Bix Weir: Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins

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Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins, by Bix Weir

In an interview last weekend the “Good Guy Insider” gave a brief
update on the pending take down of the Bad Guys. In this interview Drake
said to expect something to be leaked out of the Federal Reserve
sometime midway through the week. Here’s the interview and the Drake
conversation is right at the beginning:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomizerradio/2012/04/15/freedom-reigns [KP note: go here to download MP3s of this program from this blog]

So I was watching for something related to the Federal Reserve and AS
IF RIGHT ON CUE revelations came out about the Fed hiding massive
amounts of information on their meetings during the 2008 financial
crisis. Here’s Dylan Ratigan (part of the Good Guys) exposing the info.

I will address this further in this weeks Friday Road Trip.
(I can't get the video to post..so click link to watch..CK)


Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins, posted with vodpod

EVERYTHING is exploding for the Bad Guys.

It may seem a bit confusing that the Road to Roota Theory shows the
Federal Reserve working to take down the Banking Cabal and yet, on the
surface, they seem to be working with the Bad Guys.

My take: We have come to the time when the Federal Reserve falls on their own sword.

Ron Paul is about to get a GREAT BIG BOOST in visibility as he pursues these latest revelations!

It’s all going as planned…


Bix Weir www.RoadtoRoota.com


i like the fact he mentions Ron Paul which is what i've said since this election campaign started is that Mitt Romney has one chance to compete against O and that's choosing Ron Paul for his running mate!...'course anyone i mention it to say's 'boy that'll never happen!! something's approaching! that's a give,..just nobody can call it!...


Agree Chevy, but I think Putin will take out Romney for good, then the ONLY one left is Ron Paul. We will watch and wait for the fireworks to start...LOL

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