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Ahmadinejad during a meeting with al-Maliki said: "Tehran and Baghdad would be a powerful place to the enemies of the people in the region"

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Ahmadinejad during a meeting with al-Maliki said: "Tehran and Baghdad would be a powerful place to the enemies of the people in the region"

10:03:22 / 04/2012

Khandan - met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday 04/22/2012 with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

She said the Iranian Al-Alam said the two sides during the meeting stressed the need to use all the facilities available in the framework of enhancing the level of bilateral relations and seek to settle the problems in the region for the benefit of the people and bring peace and justice.

The channel quoted Iran's Ahmadinejad as saying that "the peoples of Iran and Iraq are playing on the big tasks of regional and international levels, stressing that he was Tehran and Baghdad have enjoyed a strong and pride, it would not be a place for the enemies of the people in the region."

He described the Iranian president relations between Tehran and Baghdad and special Balkhash in the region and the world and said that there was no any restrictions to the development of bilateral political, economic, cultural and overall participation at regional and international levels between the two countries.

Ahmadinejad said that Iranian and Iraqi peoples, have made progress side by side and will defend vigorously for their existence and their independence with the conservation of vigilance, and that "the conspiracies of the enemies in exciting terror and fear through the procedures and practices evil Kalaghtyalat and bombings will not work."

He said Ahmadinejad, saying that "the arrogant and the enemies of the peoples of Iran and Iraq, fearing the power and independence of the two countries."
"The authoritarian bus Balsafat records they received from people of both countries, by trying to stir up sedition and broadcast band, to keep countries such as Iraq and Iran, in a position of weakness to be able to dominate the whole region."

For his part, Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister's relations to the very good between the two countries and stressed the need for the development of overall relations with Iran and said the two countries they could and to benefit from their experiences and their potential, the adoption of important steps in the process of growth and development of the two peoples and peoples of the region and influence in a positive and constructive developments prevailing.

She said the channel Iranian Maliki stressed the need for adoption of understanding and harmony in the region and he could of the two countries, said the endeavor, in cooperation with each other, to support and protect the security and stability in the region and the removal of the existing challenges in the light of understanding and taking into account the respect for the rights of peoples.

Maliki said "that further enhance consultation and political coordination between Tehran and Baghdad, he can have an important and vital role in establishing peace and stability in the region."

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