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National Alliance: Maliki sole candidate of the next government

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National Alliance: Maliki sole candidate of the next government

Date: Thu 12/04/2012 16:26

Detection of the National Alliance on Thursday that the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is the sole candidate to form the next government, the government returned the current "best" among the formations since 2003.

The independent MP in the National Alliance Jawad Albzona in an interview "that" al-Maliki is now the only candidate with the National Alliance and until now did not give anyone the same as a substitute for it in the coalition to take over as prime minister in the election cycle coming, "stressing that" the Constitution allows the owners of the nomination for state a third. "

The Albzona that "there are names on the table within the alliance for the post of prime minister in the next session, but that the best is the Maliki being able to improve the reality of life and service in the country," noting that "the current government headed by al-Maliki is the best among the governments that followed the change."

He Albzona that "no right to Maliki's opponents from the other blocs objection to the nomination for a third term as confidence has won the largest bloc of the National Alliance," adding, "If you saw the political process, new alliances will be for every incident."

And select the Iraqi constitution and the two terms of President of the Republic, while leaving it open to those who have the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and is seeking political blocs in the current parliamentary session to present the proposed law requires mandatory two terms as prime minister.

The Editor: Atraqchi

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