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Finance Minister Zebari: Iraq, Kuwait sign 4 protocols; Deal with oil fields, debts, missing archives, and demarcation

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Finance Minister Zebari: Iraq, Kuwait sign 4 protocols; Deal with oil fields, debts, missing archives, and demarcation
Posted: April 29, 2012

29/04/2012 20:39:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Finance Minister, Rafi’ al-Essawi announced that Iraq and Kuwait will sign on Sunday four protocols.

Essawi told NINA on Sunday, Apr. 29, that the four protocols deal with oil fields, debts, border demarcation and the missing issue.

For his part, Oil Minister, Abdul Kareem Lu’aybi, said that the Iraqi side requested the Kuwaiti side to lower percentage of debts’ deduction, which is 5%, pointing out that the Kuwaiti side agreed on discussing the issue, since the Security Council’s resolution stipulates the reduction if both sides agree.



Iraq and Kuwait signed the agreement to form a joint management committee to coordinate and regulate navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah

The agreement was signed by the Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri and on the Kuwaiti side and Minister of Transportation Salem Mthieb Alovena.

The Foreign Ministry statement today: "The Supreme Committee of Ministers the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint was held yesterday, the second round of meetings in Baghdad, the head of the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, while the top side of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Cabinet Affairs Minister. "

He added: "The Committee discussed all the issues between the two countries, and most important of Iraq's obligations towards the international resolutions and the land border between the two countries and the freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and the missing Iraqis and Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti debt on Iraq and the compensation and the port of Mubarak, Kuwait and the establishment of a fishing Gulf and open a consulate Kuwait in both Basra and Erbil ".

The statement said that in the end of the meeting was the signing of the minutes of the second session of the Higher Committee, after it has been the identification and inventory of all the issues, before the foreign ministers of two countries also signed the Convention on the establishment of a joint committee for cooperation between the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait.

He continued: "It was also agreed to sign a number of other agreements after the end of legal procedures in both countries during the visit of the Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad, coming before the end of this year.

The statement noted that "public meetings and subcommittees masters a positive spirit and the keenness of a common need to achieve tangible progress in the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, and this is what has been achieved and accomplished as a result of political will of the leadership of both countries."

And went on: "that the achievements of yesterday's meeting will afford the necessary ground for the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and completely private and that he was understanding the mechanisms of specific and shared vision of the future steps."

And participated in the meeting of the Committee's second session of the Iraqi side and the ministers of finance, oil and transportation, human rights and legal advisor to the Prime Minister and Chairman of Investment and Chairman of the advisers in the Cabinet and the commander of the naval force and representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Commerce and the environment, and on the Kuwaiti side of finance ministers and oil, transportation, and adviser to the Emir of Kuwait and representatives of Kuwaiti ministries and bodies concerned.


Title is very misleading--indicating the agreements are signed. Article, however, says will be signed on Sunday (yesterday). Looking at the articles that came out after the meeting was over do not confirm anything regarding these four protocols. In fact Kuwat has kicked the can to the end of the year. Don't think we will see any change to Chapter VII in June. Here are excerpts from several stories. If parliament has to vote no telling when that will happen

The sources pointed out that some of the agreements require that the two delegations due to their governments and to the Iraqi and Kuwaiti parliaments for approval before the official signing, described by sources that it would be historic.

Kuwait announced on her country’s Prime Minister to Iraq in the last quarter of the year 2012 for the follow-up of the implementation of the agreed points in the work of the joint Kuwaiti-Iraqi Committee.

He said “both sides exited from meeting with a positive spirit and agreed on a number of important points that are part of the differences among the common boundary file between the two countries, which it was agreed that the delegation from the United Nations in October next year to work on the demarcation and maintenance of border points”.


Yea, I think another article said this was going on till next March...


I guess they think if they keep whining, the UNSC will cut 'em loose...hasn't worked so far:

Marabi calls government to relief Iraq of UN’s Charter’s Seventh Chapter

Monday, 30 April 2012 15:42

Baghdad (AIN) –The member of the Parliamentary Economical Committee, Hussein al-Marabi, called the government to work on relieving Iraq from the Seventh Chapter of the United Nations Security Council's Charter and endorsing the law of seizing the mass destruction weapons.

In a press statement received by AIN on Monday “Iraq is adherent to all the decisions of the UNSC and it has applied them and it is ready now to be relived from the Seventh Chapter after dealing with Kuwait to settle all the bending issues.”

It is unfair that the UNSC requests Iraq to settle the disputes with Kuwait and does not interfere to relief it from the Seventh Chapter where it has to do so since 2003,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that Iraq is under the Seventh Chapter of the UN’s Charter since 1990 after the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait where the UNSC decided that. /End

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