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360 hours remaining at the end of the fourth promise to the owners about the power crisis!

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360 hours remaining at the end of the fourth promise to the owners about the power crisis!


Iraqis are looking forward to the end of the electricity crisis as promised by the Prime Minister in February of 2011 through the end of the crisis 15 months and that period ends on 17 this month.

He has promised to end electricity crisis four times during his tenure as prime minister in 2006, where he was the first statement in this regard in November 2008, where he said al-Maliki that the level of processing power of the citizens will arrive with the summer to 15 hours a day!.

On 23 June, 2010 between al-Maliki that the problem of electricity will not solve the resignation of the Minister and made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to the citizens needs to be two years!!

In the ninth of February in 2011 confirmed the end of the electricity crisis in Iraq next winter!

On 17 February of last year revealed al-Maliki on the completion of all electricity projects within a period of 12-15 months and that the electricity crisis will be solved permanently! This was a statement was issued after the popular demonstrations that began in most of the provinces of Iraq and condemning the poor services and lack of electric power.

The deputy prime minister for energy Hussain al-Shahristani has pledged that the volume of electric power are processed for the citizens during the summer to 9 thousand megawatts, and that the rise during the summer of next year 2013 to 15 000 MW to achieve self-sufficiency of Iraq.

Shahristani said during a press conference held in the Babil province south of Baghdad on the sidelines of a visit a power station of Hilla invading "The Ministry of electricity during the coming period will be completed stations gas in the provinces of Babil, Karbala, Kirkuk and Mosul, which will lead to higher production of electricity during the summer 9000 megawatts.

Citizens are expected in the coming days or end of the crisis and the launch of V except on the problem of electricity.

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