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Kurdish newspaper: America will recognize Kurdish state if its

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Kurdish newspaper: America will recognize Kurdish state if its

Tuesday, 01 May / May 2012 19:40

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Kurdish newspaper for American support for the establishment of a Kurdish state, and that America will recognize this country a nutshell.

The weekly newspaper Rodao that the Kurds if they have declared for an independent state, the Americans will recognize them.

The newspaper quoted Peter Kalbrait American politician and former U.S. ambassador in Croatia, "The United States often supports the status quo in its policy, so once declared an independent state for the Kurds have no choice in front of the Americans is the recognition of this state.

He Kalbrait in an interview with the newspaper that the Kurds Stratja ally of the United States in the region and that the time is right for the secession of the Kurds and the declaration of a state.

The Barzani and Talabani, the two tables of a few days ago the possibility of self-determination for the Kurds Mattabrene Ahdaq as one of the parties to which they belong.

Prevail and problems between the federal government and the province against the backdrop of many contentious issues, including contracting with oil companies and the disputed areas and authorities, diplomatic representation, and others.


Barzani was over here meeting with Biden, maybe this is why, interesting


Guess they're getting pretty tired of Maliki and his Baghdad two-step...Hmmmm..wonder how this would affect the Dinar if they broke away from Baghdad......


Always figured when they do the global reset on the world economy, the Kurds would want to break away and become their own country. Only reason they stayed with Iraq after Saddam was so Turkey won't try and take them over. As for the Iraq dinar, the new currency they keep talking about with kurd and arabic lingo..is for the Kurds area when they break away, this is one reason baghdad and kurds kept fighting over article 140 agreement, baghdad wanted kirdish town with them due to a gold deposit near them, Kurds wanted it with them so when the broke off, they got the gold deposit. When global currencies go back to a form of gold standard, it not just how many gold bars you have in a vault but also how much you have in the ground. LOL


thx CK

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