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Partnership and cooperation agreement between Iraq and the European Union May 11th

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Partnership and cooperation agreement between Iraq and the European Union


Iraqi government plans to sign partnership and cooperation agreement with the European Union on 11 May to support the Iraqi economy in various fields.

And economists importance of this agreement to achieve a quantum leap and great in the Iraqi economy, to be addressing the problems of corruption and control of the public sector and the policy of quotas.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, however, Abawi said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq on the importance of this agreement which will include economic and trade fields in addition to the investment sector and programs of cooperation between Iraq and the EU countries, especially in the field of energy and capacity building.

Abawi said that bilateral negotiations between Iraq and the European Union that lasted more than four years in which Iraqi ministries was not easy because it required the approval of the parliaments of European countries, pointing out that he will be signed this Convention on 11 this month in Brussels by the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and responsible for Foreign Affairs in the European Union, Catherine Ashton.

Abawi spoke about the extent to which the Iraqi economy from the joint cooperation agreement with the European Union, which include a memorandum of understanding on oil and gas, and contributes to the agreement in light of the decision of the European Investment Bank approval to invest in Iraq to encourage European investment partnerships to enter Iraq.

For his part, asserts Professor of Economics University of Mustansiriya Dr. Tawfiq al-Mashhadani, the importance of this first agreement of its kind for the advancement of the Iraqi economy, but it calls into question the possibility of activation of this Convention and other cooperation agreements with the countries of the world due to rampant corruption in government institutions and economic development of Iraq in the absence of firm decisions to eliminate corruption .

Al-Mashhadani, believes that the joint cooperation agreement with the EU to be signed during the next few days will be passed on the Iraqi economy a major shift if the intent is serious about developing the Iraqi economy and if they came experts Europeans who manage application and implementation of cooperation programs with more flexibility in contrast to local experts .

According to al-Mashhadani, there are factors other than the corruption that would disrupt the work of the experts of European and implementation of projects, including those related to control and dominate the public sector on the economy of Iraq, and sagging of the public sector, in addition to the problem of political quota system, which started to enter all fields.

Contributed in the preparation of the file Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad, Mohammad Karim ..

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