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Maliki out, Jaafari in??

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1 Maliki out, Jaafari in?? on Fri May 04, 2012 9:35 pm



Informed sources said the Shatt al-Arab News Agency that there is a tendency to the five forces that met in Arbil a few days ago to support the prime minister, Dr. Jaafari, head of the National Alliance, instead of al-Maliki has not been implemented if the items listed and signed by them during the period of 15 days. And these sources have confirmed that Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari is the Shiite Personal and accepted nationally and internationally, where it was all ready for the introductions and it remained to be replaced by Dr. Jaafari, Maliki only.

And has transferred these sources that the plan be used to replace the two persons only and will not be changing any of the ministries or other government sites in order to avoid any problems and Marqlat, they will be voting on the dismissal of al-Maliki and at the same meeting, Dr. Jaafari is no choice in this transaction, without raise obstacles or problems.

And these sources have confirmed that the United States Alammerakh expressed no objection to this procedure, provided that in accordance with the mechanisms of democracy.

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believe it when I see it....lol.....

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Palm - freedom newspaper quoted Turkish senior Kurdish official that Jaafari will be the most likely alternative in the event failed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to respond with the parties at the national meeting next.

Said Jaafar Ibrahim, spokesman Kurdistan Democratic Party, our first objective is to open a new channel for dialogue with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to force him to respond to the other political parties in Iraq, and if we do not succeed in this endeavor alternative is to remove al-Maliki, demanding the Iraqi National Alliance for the nomination of a person.

When asked about the alternative, said a spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who was prime minister in the Iraqi Transitional Government from 2005 to 2006, can be a substitute for Maliki's spokesman, describing him as "acceptable to everyone."

In turn, a parliamentary source commented on this statement by saying: it is clear that Barzani is going with him might have lost the map that they graduate from the current predicament, where all the movements did not succeed in removing the last Massoud al-Maliki or weaken it or force him to make some concessions to the Kurds.

He added that remarks uncontrolled and passive are character inherent to the leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, because al-Jaafari is the last person who will forgive the Kurds what they did with him when he received the Iraqi government six years ago and how the plot to remove him from the presidency of the government had hatched at the time in Kurdistan, how safe their side again.

The source added to Iraq's law by saying that Barzani had introduced himself in a maze of political with the central government did not consider the results correctly and told one of the leaders of his party today, today, to accept Jaafari alternative to Maliki, but a final attempt of them to create a crack and a crack in the body of the National Alliance, which is difficult to achieve after showed that the National Alliance and the words of al-Jaafari personally for their adherence to the Maliki and his government

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Spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party: There is a possibility to take over the position of al-Maliki al-Jaafari
05:23:05 / 05/2012

Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Khandan - revealed a senior official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party about the possibility of the nomination of Ibrahim al-Jaafari as prime minister of Iraq instead of al-Maliki, alluding to the possibility of participation rather than al-Maliki in the upcoming meeting to be held in Arbil.

Said Jaafar Ibrahim spokesman for the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in a meeting with the site Hurriyet - Daily News Turkish: "Our first objective is to open a channel of dialogue with the new Iraqi prime minister to open a dialogue with the Iraqi political parties, and if not successful, so the reaction will be the dimensions of al-Maliki and claim alliance Iraqi National choosing someone else instead of him for the post of prime minister, and could be the alternative they Ibrahim al-Jaafari. "

The spokesman confirmed the official name of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that he can the political parties to take a step forward in the event managed to persuade Maliki to come to Erbil and reach an agreement to resolve the problems of government, and that has not been achieved Vaavad Maliki is the reaction contained, pointing at the same time that the person who has been accepted by all parties, including the Iraqi Kurds for the post of prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari is. "

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BYE BYE MALIKI!!!!!!!!!!

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