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Iraq, UNAMI, discuss developments in the security file in the country

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Iraq, UNAMI, discuss developments in the security file in the country

Baghdad / follow-up - 17/05/2012

Reviewed the senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi with a delegation from the UN mission [UNAMI] capabilities of Iraqi forces in enforcing security in the country.

A statement by the Information Office of the Ministry of Interior, "Asadi met a delegation from the United Nations Mission [UNAMI] headed Dranm Christensen, and discussed with him latest developments in the security arena in Iraq, and the ability of security forces to establish security throughout the country, especially after the great success has been demonstrated in securing the protection of the summit Arabic, which was held in the capital, Baghdad. "For his part, praised the delegation, the UN statement said" the ability and capability of Iraqi security forces in dealing with all new developments and challenges that have passed over the country during the last period. Meanwhile, A member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Qasim al-Araji's meeting (5 +1) will give a message to the world that Iraq is recovered and won the confidence of the region and the world, and will give a positive image of Iraq and the situation in which, confirming the ability of Iraqi security services to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the conference and said Araji The selection of Baghdad for the International Conference Nuclear (5 + 1) is important and gives a picture to the world that Iraq has regained its health and became the focus of the confidence of other countries in the chosen to be the focus of the meeting countries in the world for a nuclear conference is important, and indicates that Iraq earned the trust of the world, and recovered to return to the center of the international. He added that Iraq is hosting the conference will emphasize to the world he is able to help solve problems neighboring countries and the world, and that Iraq relies significantly on holding the meeting in Baghdad, because of its positive effects for the development of Iraq's regional and international levels.

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