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House of Representatives to end the second reading of draft laws

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House of Representatives to end the second reading of draft laws
(Voice of Iraq) - 11-07-2009
House of Representatives held its twenty-seventh regular, headed by Mr. Iyad Samarrai, President of the Council on Saturday atheist meeting of July 2009.
At the beginning of the meeting at which I initiated a recitation of the Holy Quran, Amer Thamer demanded MP to speed up the formation of a committee investigation of the fairness of the commissions, legal and human rights and de-Baathification and the security and defense for the purpose of verification of the directorates of the De-Baathification Commission to detect incoming and outgoing and done and done and the progress of work.
Then submitted to the Commission on Security and Defense first reading of the draft Law on the Ministry of National Security, and the varied views of the MPs in this regard as some felt that the Ministry of State in the opinion of others to be a ministerial portfolio, which called for the Presidency of the Council to postpone the bill to the next meeting and make a decision on the crucial The acceptance or rejection in principle.
Beyond was the second reading of the bill the first amendment to the Federal budget law No. 6 of 2009 containing the repeal of article 45 of the Code of Federal budget No. 6 for the year 2009.
The Finance Committee recommended rejection of the request for competent Cabinet to cancel the article and hosting representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq to respond to queries and observations of members of the House of Representatives, called the Presidency of the Council Ptentim date hosting a meeting next Monday.
Finished the second reading of the draft law ratifying the Convention of Finance (emergency water supply project) between the Republic of Iraq and the Foundation for International Development of the World Bank signed on 15 October 2008 and the loan made by the Foundation for the financing of the emergency water supply project for the purpose of reconstruction of infrastructure in the Republic of Iraq .
He supported the Attorney Yusuf Ahmed to ratify the Convention as a benefit, and asked the Attorney-Nazneen Almendlaoi why are not covered by the Convention for all areas of Iraq and the opinion of the Ministry of Planning in this regard, MP Hadi al-Hassani said that Iraq is passing through difficult circumstances, which needs all the financial effort for the reconstruction of infrastructure, Beyond the Presidency of the Council indicated that the bill would be included on the agenda at the earliest opportunity for a vote.
The deputy Mustafa Hiti, the report of the committee on health and the environment on the mechanism for the treatment of patients outside of Iraq, the Commission recommended in the report to open Mlhkiet health in the countries that are sending patients to a permanent and increasing the amounts allocated for the treatment of patients out of Iraq in the general budget by the Ministry of Finance and the adoption of more flexible mechanism of by the Ministry in the liquidation of payments made by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Health on this matter, at the request of the Attorney-Issawi Noseir explained that the Presidency Council will host the Health Minister in this regard.
Then, Mr. Iyad al-Samarrai, head of the House of Representatives to the meeting on Monday to remain open.
House of Representatives
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dang didn't say anything about the HCL or FIL

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