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When will the power of the Iraqi dinar?

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1 When will the power of the Iraqi dinar? on Mon May 28, 2012 5:44 pm


When will the power of the Iraqi dinar?


Sabih Al-Hafiz

said talk about the reasons and events that led to the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies will induce us to fight the political issues is not at hand, so Satakty talk about those topics and events as they are known to all.

the value of Iraqi dinar to the U.S. dollar until the end of the year 1983 is equal to (33/3) three dollars and thirty-three cents, or in other words that all 30 dinars equal to (100) U.S. dollars, and as a result of the circumstances of the tragic and crises of acute and successive occurred as a result of mistaken policy and reckless and unwise followed by the previous dictatorial regime to run Iraq in all areas of life including economic policy has been wasted state funds and perhaps the most serious and most the weight of deterioration that led to the decline in the value of Iraqi dinar is terrible is not seen in countries that experienced crises and political events similar to what happened in Iraq, until it reached a value somewhat embarrassed to mention it .

After this introduction short ask the following question:

Is there a cure for the return of Iraqi dinar to the previous value of the real? Ie before those events that we have mentioned above, or in other words can you make it equal to (33/3) U.S. $?.

To answer this question, I say: There is no problem and no solution, and the possibility of who is in it and the freedom of decision-making to achieve that with the help of and consult with advisors and experts in the field of economics as they have the ability and the capacity to develop a work program effectively and successfully on the condition provides the freedom to take action in accordance with the principle of democracy to overcome the pressures and political concepts.

despite the lack of knowledge in economics, but it is known and we believe that the strength and stability of the currency in circulation in any country depended on a set of concepts, and these concepts support the currency the currency of a strong international placed asset fixed in the Iraqi Central Bank with the amount of gold bullion as to amount to the total amount of Iraqi currency traded in the market, there are political factors related to the location of Iraq and reputation in the world and his handling of the positive terms of trade and Iva├║h covenants and conventions, agreements, etc., all of that has to do with the value and importance of the Iraqi currency.

In order to maintain the balance of the state of foreign currencies and to increase the quantity of the duty of the officials in the commercial sector and economic review of the practical import wrong as we think, which drains large part of the money from the Reserves of the State deposited with the Central Bank of Iraq through the bank to sell the dollar through the auction for those wishing to purchase by the Iraqi traders to import goods from hardware and electrical equipment, as well as importers of fruits and vegetables are expensive (such as bananas, oranges, pears and progress) and other , note that these fruits could not the average citizen to purchase as a material luxury and expensive, as well as a review in order to reduce public spending to the state and its departments with regard to import furniture metal and wood is expensive, where you can get these materials from the local market that encourages and supports the industry with the Iraqi provide jobs for the unemployed.

and also can reduce the amount of import stop importing bottled water and soft drinks where there is a coefficient of Iraq can cover the needs of Iraq from these materials, it is regrettable and shameful that Mesopotamia Alozliyn importing water from countries not in a river or tributary small.

of other things which invites us to reconsider where are the works of printed textbooks and buy books from outside Iraq, while there are presses of the first class and has the latest machinery and modern techniques are comparable to many of the presses in other countries with the presence of workers skilled in this area.

to re-value of Iraqi dinar Previous to his position requires hard work and goodwill and a sense of national responsibility through self-denial and pay attention to the interests of Iraq and its people good.

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