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Starting the building of a Busines

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1Starting the building of a Busines Empty Starting the building of a Busines on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:30 am


Hello All,
Ok, this local job I got that pays so well has a chain tied to my ankle. I am working anywere from 6am to 9pm at night, and they want (volenters) for sat. I got off the road for a reason, as some of you know my wife has undergone 2 major surgurys in the last 2 yrs, double aorta bypass and heart bypass. So I got off the road to spend and be with her. But I dont have anymore time than I did when I was on the road.
So then, I have started buying the equipment that I need to start up a steam cleaning/sanitizing/ detail/ stain removing biz, so far I have around $6000 into it. I will be doing anywhere from car interior cleaning even headliners to full house carpets. I will be able to clean and sanitize your bathrooms and kitchens. I am throing this out there because I am looking or some feed back on the priceing. I need to make no less than $200 min a dayjust to maintane my income. So then. What would you concider a good price to pay to have Just you bathroom( tube-tile-stool- sinks-floor-grout-) cleaned/sanitized, the same question for the kitchen ( sinks-stove-wall around stove sink-counters floors.
In the Autos
There are detail shops all around I will be 100% moble from headliners to carpent. steam cleaned and steam vac, no cemicals that weeken the fabrics and leave behind a rezido.
For the autos I was thinking $80 for small to mid size and $100 for the suv's and vans.
As for the house I am not sure were to even start with priceing.

The equipment I have is a steam vac for the hard sufaces like tile-grout-floors counters and such
I just ordered the carpet steam vac looks like the kind ya see in the stores but with a boiler to heat the water up to 180 degrees to produce steam.

All I have left to do is have my new 6-8 enclosed trailer done with advertising, get my biz licence, and insurane unbrella and I am ready to go.
Please think about it and give me your feed back. Or someone tell me the dinar has RV-ed lol.

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