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FM heads to NY over Chapter VII of UN Charter

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1 FM heads to NY over Chapter VII of UN Charter on Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:07 pm


July 12, 2009 - 03:03:21

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Sunday will head to New York to discuss international resolutions with regards to Chapter VII of the UN Charter, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

“Zebari will lead a government delegation to New York to start reviewing the international resolutions imposed on Iraq in accordance with Article VII and to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, his advisors in the Secretariat General and Security Council members,” read the statement that was received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
On December 22, 2008, the UN Security Council decided to “extend until 31 December 2009 arrangements for depositing the proceeds from sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas into the Development Fund for Iraq. It also decided to review all resolutions pertaining to Iraq from 1990.”
UN Security Council Resolution 678 was the legal authorization for the Gulf War, which was passed on 29 November 1990. It gave Iraq an opportunity to withdraw from Kuwait by 15 January 1991 and authorized UN member states in cooperation with the government of Kuwait to use “all necessary means to uphold and implement” Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which authorizes the use of force to restore peace.
Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter sets forth the powers of the UN Security Council to maintain peace. It allows the council to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression” and to take military and non-military action to “restore international peace and security.”


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