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Member of the Finance Committee: negotiations continue with Kuwait to extinguish the debt... And lifting of Iraq will soon be heading VII

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Member of the Finance Committee: negotiations continue with Kuwait to extinguish the debt ... And lifting of Iraq will soon be heading VII

Baghdad (News) ... Member of the Finance Committee said the National Alliance MP//Secretary Hadi, item VII imposed by the United Nations to Iraq soon after continued negotiations with Kuwait to extinguish or debt finance.

He said Hadi (News Agency news) on Wednesday: there is a problem before committees of Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides about how to finance debt payment owed to Kuwait and some fire, noting that negotiations are ongoing and continuing to raise Iraq reach of item VII imposed on it by the United Nations since the 1990s.

He added that these negotiations will bring positive results to raise Chapter VII soon and maybe this year.

And for granting Iraq membership of world trade, he said, Iraq's entry to the WTO is not conditional on the lifting of item VII but there are some influential States this organization demanded the lifting of all UN resolutions imposed on Iraq to be granted membership in the organization.
He noted that Iraq does not need this organization unless it has a robust economy backed major economic sectors as industry and agriculture to the local product is unable to products imported from the large countries that have membership in the Organization, it needs political stability and security in the country to the Iraqi border would be open to States to supply their goods to Iraq.

The WTO was established in 1995 and is one of the smallest age global organizations, and is the successor of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT), which was established in the aftermath of the second world war, with the primary objective to help trade flow and apply smoothly and freedom.
And the WTO's membership includes more than 140 members representing over (90%) Of world trade.

The former regime had ordered the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the sanctions imposed on Iraq by the international community and development under item 7 which makes him a threat to world peace and security.

Included sanctions preventing it from importing chemicals and nuclear technology that could be used in programmes of secret nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The United Nations has allowed in 1995 for Iraq to sell oil in exchange for obtaining food, named programme (oil-for-food) (986). numbered/finished/8. Dr. o/


At the rate Iraq moves on getting stuff done, it will be 2015 before the debt gets paid off.


I think 3 more years is what they mean by "soon"

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