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Iran calls for Iraq to pay the $ 36 billion war as debt

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Iran calls for Iraq to pay the $ 36 billion war as debt

2012-07-18 11:03:16

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow up / ... A number of deputies of the Assyrian Iranian they will work this year to meet the debts of Iraq because of the first Gulf War in 1980-1988.

The MP said Hussain Naqvi Hosseini, told the (tired) announced yesterday that there is a strong determination in the parliament to take our debt from Iraq, amounting to 36/5 billion dollars, modeled on the one you took Kuwait from debt and called on the Deputy of the Iranian and the Iranian Foreign Ministry to pursue the matter with the concerned international

The Hussain Naqvi: that meet the Iraqi debt is part of the rights of the people of Iran will never abandon him and added that the Advisory Council will be required in the coming days, the government should pursue the matter through the competent departments because no one in Iran can deny the truth or debt forgiveness.

For his part, MP Mohammed Hassan luteal that the issue of debt collection in the current stage affect the good relations between Iraq and Iran and said: There is a difference between the relations, the Iranian - Iraqi and Kuwaiti relations - Iraq and that this difference is the one who forced the Iranians to remain silent during the previous years because there are in Iraq government (Shiite) and there is cooperation and economic exchange and trade on different levels and that the execution of Saddam go a small part of the debt, however, we will not give up on our debt and the issue will be discussed through the corridors of parliament and not the courts International ».. (End)

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