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Approval to pay $ 500 million to resolve the problem of Kuwait Airways

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Approval to pay $ 500 million to resolve the problem of Kuwait Airways


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Iraq agreed to pay $ 500 million to Kuwait to settle the problem of the airline.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement received a JD / copy of it: that the Council of Ministers approved in its session the usual thirty-second of an amicable settlement signed between the Iraqi Transport Minister and Minister of Communications of Kuwait to resolve the problem of Iraqi Airways and recommend to the House of Representatives for the allocation of $ (300) million within the budget in 2012 and (200) million in the budget in 2013. "

He was an adviser to Prime Minister revealed last March that Iraq had reached an agreement worth $ 500 million with Kuwait to settle debts dating back to the Gulf War was to prevent Iraqi Airways flights to the West.

Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to Maliki that Iraq would pay under the agreement $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait and will invest another $ 200 million in airline Kuwaiti-Iraqi operation.

He added that Kuwait in return will stop the legal proceedings against Iraqi Airways. In 2010, Kuwaiti lawyers tried to detain an aircraft belonging to the Iraqi lines in the first flight to London for over twenty years. / Finished / 22 /


WOW they still have solved this problem...we tracked this a few years ago...windreader aka mom was all over it! She does know the "ins and outs" of Kuwait chap. 7 problems.

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