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Kinda funny...this has been poppin up everywhere today...people are finally catching on

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There is a Rumor about a Basket of Currencies that will Re-Val when the IQD does
That it is a Reset of sorts because every nation is in way over their "Debt" heads

There is way too much "Dollar & Euro" printing - And everyone is Mutually assured to Destruct
Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland are defaulting - or have defaulted already
The other rumor is Gold will also ReValue - in the upwards to $20,000 per Ounce

A Global Reset would reduce all Countries debt by 50% - Maybe more

Why else has the US Congress not passed a Budget for over 3 years
Why else does the USA run a monthly defecit of 150 - 200 Billion per month
Why else has the Federal Reserve bought up Trillions of dollars of Toxic Debt worldwide

Maybe because - They have been preparing to do a "RESET"

* * * Which currencies are in the supposed Basket * * *

Thanks - GBU - NORTEC


Its what CK has been saying for a long long time.


makes sence, when some one is going to file banckruptcy, they usually go out and max the credit cards before doing so.


windreader1 wrote:Its what CK has been saying for a long long time.



basket will probably be the SDR basket with metals added.

Gold will not jump at first but drop back down to around $400 to $500...then start climbing up but will stay up at the correct price after the reset.

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