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Iraqi politician: U.S. hawks are upset of Maliki's support for the Assad regime-MALIKI BUSTED

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[bIraqi politician: U.S. hawks are upset of Maliki's support for the Assad regime [/b]

The time on Thursday, 06 September / September 2012 11:32 Baghdad / Orr News / agencies

Presented three members of the U.S. Senate to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki yesterday compelling evidence includes recordings of phone calls between Iranian officials and Iraqis on the support of President Bashar al-Assad, also provided images captured by satellite for military aircraft Iranian landing and taking off from Baghdad International Airport, carrying weapons and military equipment at airports Syrian military and civilian.

According to Iraqi political sources close access, the delegation Senate, hawks, Maliki told breach Baghdad security agreement allowing the Guards transit toward Syria, also made ​​the U.S. delegation to the owners images on convoys of the Revolutionary Guards enter the Iraqi border, as well as imagery via satellite for caravans same as it left Iraqi territory heading to Syria.

The sources said the delegation Senate component of John McCain and John Lieberman and Lindsey Graham have told Maliki said in an interview expressed anger and out of diplomatic etiquette, in what they described speech frankness and openness, and the sources said that the delegation was told that allow the submission of Iranian support for the Syrian president over the skies of Iraq and its territory means that Baghdad has become a part of Iran, a violation of the agreements signed between the Iraqi government and the U.S. administration. The sources said the delegation told al-Maliki and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who met him at a later time that the American people are frustrated by such acts despite the sacrifices made ​​by the liberation of Iraq, which did not produce a democratic system leads to the stability of the region, but a pro-Iranian regime.

The sources, who asked not to be named, said the U.S. delegation told al-Maliki that the U.S. administration has become alarmed by the actions of the Iraqi government, which Thrjha in front of the American people.

Meanwhile dominated security force coming from Baghdad on a port-based Frontier, which leads to the Syrian town of Abu Kamal and port workers expelled. The sources said the Iraqi city of Qaim that this security force took control of all routes leading to the existing border crossing with Syria and prevented farmers from reaching their land near the crossing also banned the shepherds region.

He said McCain and Lieberman and Graham told reporters during a visit to Baghdad that Tehran told Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the aircraft carrying supplies and humanitarian aid, the United States believes the U.S. as transporting military equipment. Lieberman said we raised our concerns on the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs about the flights. He added that al-Maliki said he had received a promise from the Iranians that these trips are limited to humanitarian aid, but we think otherwise.

He thought that we have to offer him Maliki directory from which we can ... to explain why we believe that the Iranian aircraft ... carrying materials ... Leo managed to kill people. McCain stressed that it is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The newspaper "New York Times" U.S. quoted yesterday officials, did not reveal their identities, saying that the administration of President Barack Obama pressed Baghdad to close air corridor that Iran was using earlier this year and raised the topic with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but Iran has doubled from support for the Syrian president after the rebels made ​​progress and shaken the Assad regime after the bombing led to the killing of senior Syrian military officials.

The officials pointed out that flights carrying military equipment from Iran, "resumed again in July, and is continuing since then, in what constitutes a nuisance to American officials." Officials stressed that Tehran "play a greater role in Syria in many ways."

The newspaper considered that supply Tehran to Damascus weapons atmosphere "raises questions in America that are still reluctant to provide weapons to the rebels Syrians or the imposition of a no-fly fearing diving in Syrian conflict, but that the support provided by Iran to the Syrian government refers to the fact that they do not hesitate to provide military supplies and advisers to assist in the survival of the ruling regime. " It also quoted a U.S. official as saying that in addition to the Iranian military supplies, "there are credible reports that Iraqi militia fighters from the Iranian-backed, find a way for them to Syria to help Assad."

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