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United Nations: no new elections in Iraq unless UNHCR

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United Nations: no new elections in Iraq unless UNHCR

On the lion -10/09/2012-9: 38 pm | Hits: 56

Invited the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, Monday, the political forces in the Parliament to reach agreement on selection of the new Board of Commissioners of the independent High Electoral Commission "without delay."

And duration of the Iraqi Council of representatives in the month, the work of ihec 15 days, said in a statement sent to Kobler agency soldier killed, "electronically", and the upcoming elections in Iraq scheduled for early 2013 and 2014, cannot be held on time unless you chose the new Board of Commissioners without further delay. "

"I call upon the parties to make the integrity, competence and independence are the basic criteria for the selection of the Board of Commissioners in accordance with Iraqi law."

There are 60 ahead of the filtered list so will choose the new UNHCR Council of deputies from among this list.

According to the independent High Electoral Commission to the Chamber of deputies to take into account the representation of women.

House has failed several times to determine the number of members of the Commissioners to form a new elections Commission.

There is disagreement between parliamentary blocs to counter the Electoral Commission members, of which demands that have 9 members, including who wants more.

A parliamentary Committee is composed of 21 members representing various political selection process of a new Council of the Election Commission and the direct supervision of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).

This opened for nomination to membership of the independent High Electoral Commission in October 20 over a full month.

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