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Cooperation to become the new policy concerning Iraqi Oil

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6 February 2013
Cooperation to become the new policy concerning Iraqi Oil

It is largely known that there is a big conflict over the exploitation of Iraqi oil and natural gas. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki tries to control Iraq petroleum in order to preserve the power of the central government. He disputes with Barzani and International oil companies such like Exxon and Chevron. On the other hand, Barzani, aiming to increase the power of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), started to export petroleum through Turkey in spite of Iraqi central government’s protests. Meanwhile, Turkey raises its concerns on the regional instability but continues at the same time to cooperate with Kurdish Regional Government.

Fortunately, these frustrations may come to an end in near future. The Turkish website “Enerji Enstitüsü” published an article arguing that the US believes that a win-win scenario is possible in Iraq. The article refers to an anonymous US state official. He/she underlines the importance of cooperation of all parties instead of conflicts. Then, the official mentions that diversified and secure petroleum-natural gas supply is beneficial for Turkey, Iraq, Kurdish Regional Government and Western countries; and says that they would also support the transportation of petroleum and natural gas through Turkey because as a NATO member it would provide with safe transportation. He/she, targeting Maliki, also adds that encouraging companies to operate in both northern and southern Iraq is wiser than forcing them to choose one.

Based on this statement, the website asserts that US may introduce a new policy on Iraq petroleum embodying cooperation of all parties in Iraq. Nevertheless, as the US official stated, Maliki’s centralization policy is an obstacle that must be overcome.


Long as Maliki is in the driver's seat, aint nothin geting done...


NO KIDDING GENTE! Remove maliki and things would get moving faster!


I'm just baffled at how long they have put up with, and continue to put up with his crap...

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