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Necmettin cream: President Talabani's health is stable

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Date: 2013-02-28 15: 58: 32 Thursday

(newsletter).The Governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, the health of
President Jalal is very good and constantly improving.

said in a statement: cream contacted the medical team supervisor leader,
where we stressed that Talabani's health is very good and stable and is
improving day by day.

Najmuddin said: I want to move this joyful
news for masses of the people of Kurdistan, I also call on the public
not to believe any news, whether domestically or outside Iraqi Iraq.

Karim said: they are the only official authorized to make statements about the health of the President./finished/13 l. Eng.



Date: 13/02/27 17: 11: 42 pm Wednesday

(newsletter).The brother of the President of the Republic, the return
of President Jalal Talabani on the 10th of next month to the territory,
after the significant improvement in his health.

Genki said
Talabani told the Kurdish newspaper Hawlati: supervisor of the medical
team treating President Jalal Talabani had told them his health
improved, his medical team was allowed to visit President Talabani.

Genki: Talabani talked with Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, put him on the phone,
told her about his return on the 10th of next month to
Kurdistan./anthlazon 24. s. a./



Pres. Talabani coming home on 10th March, Iraq just flew to Kuwait (breaching CH7), oil & gas law by mid year, World bank taking over dfi by May & CH7 should be released PRIOR to that...

& I've not heard or read anything from IMF regarding any extension for Iraq & I'm glad for that because Iraq has not asked for an extension. A lot of good news has been coming out, I think will leave that open to you all's opinion.


Thanks for your posts lion...appreciate them and the time you take to post...as I do wind, ck, rellick..and oh yeah...where the heck is pan these days??

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