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Deputy National: political blocs would reach agreement on financial budget differences before approval

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Date: 2013-02-28 15: 40: 10 Thursday

(newsletter). Sign/MP/Kazem Al-bahadili, to see the remaining days
before the vote on the budget for the year (2013) in the House of
representatives next Monday, a consensus between the political blocs on
the row over payments to oil companies operating in Kurdistan.

a statement, said Al-bahadli (News Agency): the delay in the approval
of the federal budget bill, sort negative repercussions on the State and
the citizens, and it is necessary to approve as soon as possible,
stressing that the budget next Monday after a delegation from the
Kurdistan region on the dispute concerning the payment of oil companies
in the region.

He added: we believe that the days before adoption
of the budget, an agreement between the political blocs, particularly
between the Federal Government and the Länder on this controversy,
stressing the need for compliance with the Court of Auditors concerning
the financial benefits oil companies operating in the region.

the federal budget bill for the year (2013) disagreements between the
Federal Government and the Kurdistan region because the latter claim
payments to companies operating in the territory (4 trillion 200 billion
dinars)./finished/7 l. Eng.



lionheart, just wanted you to know I come on here and I do read your info, and thank you. But I will be the first to say after seven years i'm ready for it. Back to work.

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