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UNSC approves Ban's plan for Kuwait-Iraq border deal

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UNSC approves Ban''s plan for Kuwait-Iraq border deal


The Security Council approved Secretary-General's proposal to conclude an agreement with Iraq in order to transfer the Kuwaiti funds contained in a UN Trust Fund to the Iraqi Government so that it distributes appropriate amounts on the Iraqi private citizens who remained on Kuwaiti territory following the demarcation of the international boundary between Iraq and Kuwait. Ban had informed the Council in a letter that "given the Iraqi requests to transfer the funds and the fact that no objections were raised by the State of Kuwait, -- I intend to conclude an agreement with the Government of Iraq whereby the United Nations will transfer the funds contained in the Trust Fund, less applicable administrative costs, to the Government of Iraq." He did not specify a date when the transfer will take place. The Iraqi Government will assume "full responsibility for identifying the beneficiaries, determining the amount of compensation to be paid to each beneficiary and disbursing the corresponding amounts The agreement will also provide for the Government of Iraq to inform me on a regular basis of the progress achieved in identifying and making payment to the beneficiaries and on completion of the process," Ban's letter added. Kuwait had trusted the compensation money - 1,438,718 - with the UN and said in a letter dated February 2009 that "Kuwait had fulfilled all of its commitments relating to the issue of compensation of the Iraqi farmers and that the subject 'now remains between the United Nations and Iraq.'" The Kuwaiti letter outlined no conditions or specific demands, Ban told the Council in his letter. Earlier this month, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari requested Ban to transfer the Kuwaiti compensation funds to the farmers, in US dollars, to the Ministry's account number 2 at the Rasheed Bank. "Should the Council agree ... my responsibilities ... will have been discharged upon transfer of the funds to the Government of Iraq. The Governments of Iraq and Kuwait have been consulted on and agree with the course of action," Ban said. Council President Kodjo Menan of Togo told Ban in a response letter distributed on Wednesday that the Council "has decided to approve the proposal contained in your letter." (end) sj.gb
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Well, I wonder just how much money each farmer will get or even if they will get any at all.


25 dinars apiece..the rest will be used for "administrative costs".....



UN Security Council approves the proposal, regardless of compensation Iraqi farmers whose land annexed Kuwait

Liberation yards - 05/23/2013 - 12:51 pm | Hits: 8

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"
The UN Security Council voted today on a proposal to transfer the funds you have deposited Kuwait to the UN fund to compensate Iraqi farmers to the Iraqi government as part of the maintenance process marks the border between the two countries.

Marks the border between Iraq and Kuwait

The news agency reported, "KUNA" Kuwait, the council approved the proposal of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, the conclusion of an agreement with Iraq for converting Kuwaiti money allocated to compensate Iraqi farmers to the Iraqi government, which in turn will distribute them to the beneficiaries.

And Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council was given to Iraqi requests to transfer money and that Kuwait has not raised any objection, it intends to deal with Iraq, under which the UN would transfer the money contained in the fund for the Iraqi government.

Ki-moon did not specify a date for the transfer of such funds, but said that the Iraqi government will assume full responsibility for identifying beneficiaries and report the size of the compensation paid to each beneficiary and the distribution of the corresponding amounts.

He stressed that "the agreement would require the Iraqi government to report periodically on the progress made ​​in the identification of beneficiaries and the process of paying the money to them, until the end of the process."

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