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Obama Berlin speech....found in germany this morning...darn it!

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I stopped by Germany this morning and found this article...I was HOPING this was true and Obama would make this speech but NO it did not happen....He did another speech instead but HEY IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GOOD ONE IF HE HAD READ THIS ONE!!!!

From Germany:
Obama Berlin speech     | Print |

Advance publication of the text of the speech by U.S. President Barack Obama in Berlin. Kennedy 50 years after a historic speech is expected. The speech content is a sensation and brings real explosives, which makes the world wonder.

Barack Obama Berlin speech. The manuscript was leaked by anonymous MMnews page. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee its authenticity accept.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

50 years ago, John F. Kennedy was very close to this place, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. He called for peace and freedom - a short time later he was shot.

Even today, peace and freedom in the greatest danger of all. But the danger is not from the outside. The enemy is elsewhere. He is invisible and works by unfair means.

A U.S. president must be careful what he says, and still more what he does, otherwise he threatens the fate of Kennedy. For what few know: A U.S. president has virtually no powers. He keeps his head down for decisions that are made ​​in the background. And if he does not parry, threatening life-threatening consequences.

Berlin is currently a fortress. The security measures against terrorism have never been so strong. Everywhere military intelligence and hidden. Look around on the rooftops's Brandenburg Gate: What do you see? Everywhere sniper with a sniper rifle. They are supposed to protect me. They are supposed to be the defense of terrorists. But in truth, you serve a very different purpose.

If I do not say this is what was given to me, and if I do what is asked of me, then send them guns against me. The snipers on the roofs are not counterterrorism, but they serve to keep me in check and to watch me. If I say something wrong or doing something wrong, these guys have up there command to gun down myself. Just as they did with Kennedy. The death-shot is then immediately shot and killed by another - so that all tracks are blurred - just as with Kennedy.

So how a President of the United States can really say what he really thinks? Absolutely not! My speeches will be given, my thoughts are directed, my behavior is monitored. And if I do not parry, I play with my life.

It is no longer the White House, which in the U.S. is in charge. It's the secret, the dark forces which exert power. We politicians are just puppets that carry out their orders. So it's way around the world.

I can only echo the words of John F. Kennedy, who already before New York newspaper publishers said the following on April 27, 1961 : "We are dealing with a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy worldwide, spreading their influence on covert means with infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies on the day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources, a highly efficient machine that miltärische, diplomatic, intelligence economic, scientific and political operations. Their plans are not published, but hidden. Their mistakes are buried not headlined. dissenters are not encouraged, but silenced. Financial expenses are not controlled. "

That has not changed until today. On the contrary, it has become worse. Filter the secret messages that determine the messages that I get. I'm just there to justify the actions before the world. I have to enforce. I can not judge if the information that I get - for example, to Syria - are right or wrong. But I have to implement the requirements - whether I want to or not. There is no choice.

So it is PRISM: Surely you do not believe in earnest that I have given to the monitoring program in order. What is today called "PRISM", was driven by the secret for decades. Bad luck for me that it is now blown. I have now officially bear the responsibility for a seed that was sown in fact under the Bush administration.

Which brings us back to the secret: they are the secret rulers. They determine the policy. They lay the foundation for wars - which have only officially implement the policy actor in the White House.

How can I know whether in Syria actually poison gas was used? How do I know the structure of the rebels? How can I know who is good or evil in the confusing mélange? All the information coming from the CIA and FBI. They ultimately decide on war or peace.

The situation is similar in the monetary system. Also it is well known, the policy has no effect. In the U.S., it is the private Federal Reserve system, which we do not even know the owners. Yes, you heard right: the Fed is not a government central bank, and certainly not under the control of U.S. politicians. The Fed is private and we do not know the owner! The owners are secret and it is the best kept secret in the world. Nevertheless, the Fed conducts the ups and downs in the financial system.

One thing I can tell you but in all honesty, we're on the verge! Not only politically but also financially. Therefore one must look at the debt of the United States only once. Even politicians we know that this can never be repaid.

Our task is simply to citizens continue to throw dust in the eyes so that they do not realize the danger. But at the end of this system will collapse - like a house of cards. That's for sure.

However, if the financial system collapses and people lose everything, there will be riots and unrest. But for this we have you covered. The Homeland Security Department has 450 million last year ordered bullets. these are intended to be used against insurgents in the country.

That way, special bullets, so-called "hollow point bullets" of which the manufacturer promises: "Optimal penetration for final action." - You can imagine what that means: Every insurgency is to be nipped in the bud and for every U.S. citizen, we have two balls.

Moreover, we have for the already large camps insurgents prepared, so-called FEMA camps. Here, we're unable to imprison millions. The military has the power to arrest and detain suspects immediately if the situation so requires. And if anything goes wrong, we have already ordered millions of plastic coffins and distributed to the camp. So you see, we are well prepared.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are uncertain times for us. I therefore call on you to: "Being prepared is everything." God bless America!

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