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MP: US rejects to bring Iraqi antiquities back to Iraq

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 MP: US rejects to bring Iraqi antiquities back to Iraq
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Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Antiquities Parliamentary Committee, Baker Hama Sideeq, stated that the United States of America rejects to bring the Iraqi antiquities back to Iraq that it took after 2003.

Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "There are some cooperative countries with Iraq regarding this issue such as Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates," noting that "The US, United Kingdom and Spain are delaying returning the Iraqi antiquities taken from Iraq by not being cooperative."

"These countries have dozens of the Iraqi antiquities but they make justifications in order not to bring them back," he added.

"The US is rejecting to bring these antiquities that it took from Iraq in a legal way to keep them where it had to bring them after two years, but it still rejects returning them," he concluded. 


they must be made of GOLD! if the bad guys do not want to return them......LOLOLOLOL


these must be the stuff still covered under CH7...wonder if the US is holding onto them to make Iraq comply with something we don't know about??

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