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Political influence of the cabal, and the last 50 years of the deep state

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Most of you probably already know all this, but I thought I'd bring these links over for anyone who would care to share them:

This was researched and essayed by Netscape founder Mark Gorton

The Cabal:


50 years of the Deep State:



second one did not come up, read the whole thing and yes anybody that gives a crap about our country some how or some were knows what has and is going on. and it is sad that 500 and some odd are running our country of 340,000,000 plus and we can not come together and do what we need too.
But I do agree with some that say, you can't take the truth, because most people live in a bubble. I'm just saying. I pray that there is a big plan to justice.

67 Warrior

67 Warrior
Hi gang, well reading about the excess violence in Iraq, the politics going on and the general downward spiral of the Government. My wonder is how the gurus are still talking about an imminent rv? Makes one wonder does it not. I have been in this so long, had so many hopes early on, now I just sit back and watch the circus around this investment. We indeed have had a great ride, the old group here understands me. But I would like to know how we can have any hope of a profit from the purchase of IQD and for all that is Holy, how do they keep drawing more folks into this arena? Well, that is my rant for the evening. I love you guys, appreciate the education, the prayers when Mel passed and the good wishes. That has made this journey well worth the trip. God Bless and keep you and yours. 67


I agree with you both, Wellcraft, have you heard and read about the Georgia Guidstone's?
And 67 warrior,I agree with you also,But I would like to know how we can have any hope of a profit from the purchase of IQD and for all that is Holy, been thinking of that.

67 Warrior

67 Warrior
Lion, I honestly believe that the profit came when I sold most of my. IQD, made a small profit at that time. I really see very little hope for any large gains here. I believe that the value held by Saddam was not a real number that we can look too. I would in my wildest dreams love to see the 19 cents that popped up many years back. And I think even that is unlikely to happen. But....... I still hold a bit to see if the game plays out my way or the way we pray would happen. I just am blown away by the number of folks still eating the guru stew and buying more today hoping for riches tomorrow.. Remember, it is all done, just waiting for the screens to light up so we can cash in... How many years have we heard that bunk.

Peace to all....67


HEY ya'll

Oh don't want to get started on "guru" crap. They have NO CLUE!! 67 agree with you....when I got in this early 2005 the rate was .31 cents....I would be so happy to get that!! anything over 31 cents is gravy LOL. Will I ever sell any of my dinar...NO WAY!! Been on the ride way to long so kinda "attached" to it by now LOL.

I am not working right now....took the summer off to get farm work done around here. So will be popping in more often. In the last couple of weeks...think I am back up to speed on all this. Germany is looking for "Day X" which is the global crash/reset of currencies to happen. So love what I'm reading across the pond.

So for now...we wait...watch...for whatever to go KABOOM in world economy!!!

67 Warrior

67 Warrior
Hi ya CK.... Great to see you. I was working but could not get the lines I needed to get my business back up to par, so here I am, looking for work again.. But things are going just fine here. I am amazed at where we are in Iraq, but remember, our President is looking to make the world a happy, safe, no bullying place. So that must mean all is good...lol... Stay in touch. 67

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