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1 WORLD ECONOMY PART 3...... on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:41 am


Hey all,

I have been wondering if I should start a new thread on world economy....LOL Really?? I'm shocked it is now END of 2014 and still the world economy is still in the crapper. A few things out of Germany maybe a spark that lights the KABOOM!!

I will swing by and post what I see like I did in the last two world economy threads.

From Germany!!!

China heralds the end of dollar dominance a

July 10, 2014

By Peter Haisenko

As is so often the really earth-shattering news from the major opinion-forming media are discreetly concealed. But if one takes a little effort, and last but not least thanks to the Internet, today remains nothing in secret. So this state of affairs that is properly shake the world economy in the foreseeable future: China ended the dominance of the U.S. $! Already in December 2013, the Chinese Ambassador HE Mingde, proclaimed in Berlin exquisite audience that China would decouple its export trade from U.S. $. At this time, however, he still gave himself restrained in how China would make the relationship with rubles and euros. Now the cat is out of the bag.

In the spring of 2014, Russia has signed a long-term contract for gas deliveries to China because of the Ukraine crisis. The volume is in the hundreds of billions, term of ten years. The hidden sensation is that this trade is not settled through the U.S. $. Rather, the Chinese yuan is charged via a newly created clearing bank directly to the Russian ruble. At the same time - but equally unnoticed by the general public - Russia has the settlement of its energy exports to Europe directly transferred to rubles. So if you want to have Russian gas or oil, now have to buy rubles to pay the bills. The ruble has subsequently recovered accordingly.

Direct computation of Euro and Yuan

On the occasion of the visit to China by Chancellor Merkel came the next blow against the USD on July 7, 2014: China and Germany have agreed on the future also handle the trade between Europe and China directly through a clearing bank in Frankfurt. From September 2014 the annoying and costly detour over U.S. $ will be omitted entirely. In Frankfurt, then euro and yuan will be charged directly. A very wise decision! However, you have to wonder why you have not done this much earlier, because it is expected to save about one billion / year! Money that is not yet flowed into American coffers.

But this is not enough. In Greece is promoted shortly oil and gas. This oil must of course be paid in Euros, because it is the USA and Goldman Sachs failed to break Greece from the euro - the efforts of the US-rating agencies notwithstanding. How important is the United States is handling the oil trade in U.S. $, one can judge it, how hard the United States have acted in the past against any country that has announced that it will continue to sell its oil not more against USD: z. B. Venezuela, Iran, Iraq with Saddam Hussein and Libya with Gaddafi. They were immediately assigned to "the axis of evil" and / or - even worse - covered with war.

The USA is broke, the dollar is worth nothing

The USD 1,944 has been determined for key currency with fixed exchange rates. This working system, the United States in 1971 summarily declared over. Since then, the U.S. currency has no more gold base and is now just an empty promise, everyone knows that it is never observed. Yet the world has still accepted to settle international trade in USD. Perhaps for convenience - or at least out of fear of sanctions? Fact: The United States relate so far about 30 percent of its GDP from trade and U.S. $. That they are broke in fact been around for decades, they try to hide by producing painless and virtually out of nowhere USD in unlimited amounts. Tons of green printed paper that has no value. But what will happen if adopted by the World Trade USD?

The USA will get huge problems. You have to buy with their dollars other currencies namely when they want to obtain goods from overseas. The big question is then, however, whether even still want to have anyone USD - a currency that is lined with nothing except the military power of the United States. The USD will go the way of all currencies, the warring nations include: He will go down in a dizzying inflation. The Americans will have to reduce consumption by at least 40 percent, because that is the true amount of their foreign trade deficit, which they previously ignored in the fun printed "greenbacks". 40 percent? The nominal trade deficit of the USA is 1,000 billion - $ / year. That is about 15 percent. In addition, the fraudulent revenue from the financial sector are almost completely break away, so that portion, which accounts for about 30 percent of U.S. GDP.

The explosive power inherent in these news in itself is huge. Maybe they were therefore concealed by the mainstream media so far studiously. However, this does not change the sensation: China and Germany, - not to mention Russia - have heralded their monetary agreements, the end of the U.S. hegemony. The United States must be careful that their country does not sink into civil war. Enough weapons are everywhere present. But probably this is the real reason why the United States has even internally developed unconstitutional with the NSA surveillance of their citizens. The martial upgrading their police and the "Patriot Act" suggests that the leaders of the U.S. policy have recognized this problem long ago. Let's hope that they do not tear the rest of the world into ruin, as the British Empire did in a similar situation one hundred years ago with Europe.

2 Re: WORLD ECONOMY PART 3...... on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:28 pm


Countries are tired of trading for worthless toilet paper and all the cabal BS that comes along with it...thx CK

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