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Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations shifted from tension to calmness -- Iraqi speaker

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Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations shifted from tension to calmness -- Iraqi speaker
Politics 7/26/2009 6:02:00 PM

BAGHDAD, July 26 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Parliament Speaker Iyad Al-Sameraee on Sunday said that his country's relations with Kuwait have recently shifted from the state of tension to calmness.
In a press release, Al-Sameraee termed his recent visit to Kuwait "successful", as it contributed to calming down the situation in a bid to solve lingering issues.
"The weak diplomatic representation of Iraq, especially in Kuwait and Egypt, is one of the reasons in such situation," the Iraqi parliamentarian noted, explaining that such issue has motivated the parliament to effectively ratify candidates for the positions of ambassadors of Iraq worldwide. (end) ahh.hb KUNA 261802 Jul 09NNNN


well......hope the UN pulls Chapter7, Kuwait is just being greedy...that being said the GOI could have looked a bit better going in front of the UN requesting their removal if they had completed something along the lines of the HCL or perhaps Article 140 concerning the Kurds.

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