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The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Security Council last Friday to keep Iraq under Chapter VII and its continuity in the payment of compensation through the

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Political first:[/size] Congress: no longer a logical justification for Kuwait to keep Iraq under Chapter VII

اكدوا ان التصريحات بشأنها تعيد ملف المباحثات الى المربع الاول..وعدّها البعض "اعلان حرب" على العراقيين
Confirmed that the statements on which the file of the talks back to square one .. promise some "declaration of war" on Iraq
بغداد ـ الصباح
Baghdad morning
تصطدم الرغبة المتواصلة والنوايا الحسنة التي تبديها الحكومة والبرلمان باعتماد الحوار وفتح آفاق التعاون في جميع المجالات مع الكويت بمواقف متشددة تعكس اصرارا لدى بعض الدوائر الكويتية على تأزيم العلاقات
Hampered by the continuing desire and goodwill shown by the government and parliament to adopt dialogue and open up the prospect of cooperation in all fields with Kuwait reflect the positions of radical insistence in some quarters on the Kuwaiti crisis in relations

وقتل اية مبادرة جدية لحل الملفات العالقة وترطيب الاجواء بين البلدين.
The killing of any serious initiative to resolve the outstanding issues and moisturizing the air between the two countries.
باسناد الجهود العراقية للخروج من تحت طائلة العقوبات.
As the Iraq and the diplomatic moves to get out of the money item VII and its emphasis on the implementation of its obligations to Kuwait, but insisted that the Kuwaiti officials, notably Foreign Minister Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, to keep the country under international sanctions triggered surprise and criticism of the parliamentary blocs, most of which were found in the new position Thakqq ejected during the recent visit of the President of the Chamber of Deputies to Kuwait, Iyad al-Samarrai, which was launched and promises to award Iraqi efforts to get out from under the threat of sanctions.
The deputies asked for their "morning," the Kuwaiti government to reconsider its position to claim damages caused by the regime's invasion of Kuwait Alambad revealed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Parliament that the proposal submitted by the Chairman of the House of Representatives to form a fund through which the transfer of compensation to the investment has not been approved by most of the parliamentary blocs, which believes that a review of those awards, similar to other world countries is the most prominent solutions to this important issue.
وكشف عضو member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Abdul Bari, Zebari said that most of the parliamentary blocs expressed reservations on the proposal on the formation of Samurai investment fund to address the issue of damages resulting from Iraq, saying What happened to visit the Speaker of the State of Kuwait has recently generated controversy in the vision on the question of compensation, and the proposal to form a fund of its own , pointing out that "most of the political blocs and the government did not see that this is the solution, because Iraq is expected in the current phase of the sisterly State of Kuwait, like a gesture of goodwill from neighboring countries and to cancel the debt to relieve the Iraqi budget also initiated the European countries with which we share with the economic relations Contrary to the State of Kuwait, which we are bound by ties of brotherhood, economic cooperation and national bonds. "
والبدء بصفحة جديدة تتلاءم مع ماتطمح اليه الحكومة في سياستها الحالية لبناء علاقات جديدة مع الكويت وكل دول المنطقة على اسس من الاحترام والثقة المتبادلة.
Zebari said that "no date has been set for the visit of a delegation from Kuwait to the Iraqi parliament to discuss the issue of compensation, especially when the exchange of visits between the two countries is very important," noting that "most of the political blocs and the parliament is now waiting for the prime minister's return from his visit to the United States and the United Nations and contacts with the Security Council and the results of that visit Stffersha. For his part, MP for the National Dialogue Front, told Al-Sam and Foreign Minister of Kuwait as a "close the doors of dialogue and a narrow area in front of the talks and the adoption of the principle of resolving all disputes with the lifting of internal pressure, pain and old rolled up and start a new page Mattmah compatible with the government in its current policy of building new relations with Kuwait and all the countries of the region on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust.
وابدى البياتي استغرابه من "اصرارالحكومة الكويتية على تجديد هذا الطلب مع تاكيدات مجلس الامة الكويتي بهذا الشان بحجة المطالبة بتعويض المواطن الكويتي المتضرر، مشددا على اهمية ان "ينطلق مبدا الحوار بين الكويت والعراق بصورة اوسع بحيث يصل الى ذهن وذاكرة العراقي والكويتي وضميرهما العربي لكن تجديد الموقف الكويتي يعطي اثرا عكسيا، "لافتا الى ان "الامر سيؤول الى توتر العلاقات وخلق حالة من عدم الارتياح خاصة مع وجود موضوع ترسيم الحدود الذي ربما سيخلق ازمة جديدة لوجود تجاوزات على الحدود العراقية في مناطق ام قصر والسيبة في البصرة.
Al-Bayati expressed surprise at the "Kuwaiti Asraraovernmp to renew this request, with confirmation in parliament on this matter the pretext of the claim for the affected citizens of Kuwait, stressing the importance of that," based on the principle of dialogue between Kuwait and Iraq to reach a broader mind and memory of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti Dmirhma, but the renewal of the Arab position Kuwait gives the opposite effect, "noting that" It's Seoul to strained relations and the creation of a state of discontent, especially with the presence of the demarcation of the border, which may create a new crisis for the existence of irregularities on the Iraqi border in the areas of Umm Qasr and Basra in the Saybah.
موارده وثرواته في مواقف سياسية واقتصادية لانهاك وضعه الاقتصادي وانعكاســها سلبيا على واقع المجـتمع العـــراقي ماديا واقتصـاديا.
For his part, MP from the coalition said Qais al-Amery said "the statements of Foreign Minister of Kuwait and the position of the State of Kuwait and Aasraha to keep Iraq under Chapter VII offends the feelings of the Iraqi people and the sour relations between the social and the moral of the Iraqi people and the State of Kuwait, which is required to make gestures of good faith to raise Abuadr Alhzaziat and attitudes and the promotion of opportunities for the recovery of Iraq this way hinder the work of the government to lift the economic situation of the serious situation to the success and the path of economic recovery of Iraq "and called on Kuwaiti officials to" reconsider their position in this particular case and they must deal with the new democratic Iraq that respects opposing opinions and Aitdechl in on the neighboring countries also will not be allowed to neighboring states by passing the views or demands overlap and intersect with the orientations of the government, "adding that" the new Iraq, pledged that the neighboring countries to preserve the security and stability and does not allow these countries to a violation of his rights and wealth and the exploitation of its resources and wealth in the positions of political and economic fatigue and his economic situation and its impacts negatively on the The reality of Iraqi society, physically and economically.
Amiri, said that "the commitments made by the United States of America or in the security agreement provides the framework to remove Iraq from Section VII and subject to the moral obligation to fulfill the United States and otherwise reflect the positions of the political blocs with the United States of America, as well as to Kuwait to take into account the current situation in Iraq, which resembles Saddam Hussein's Iraq as a democratic Iraq believes in pluralism in the political forces and political decision, but it is not a weak Iraq that can violate all the wealth in this way the political and strategic country of Iraq will be important in the region has approved the extension of an international strategic region of interest for the development of fraternal ties Kuwait and moral, and love between the two peoples to maintain security and stability, which Antmany to find a violation or disruption of the relationship between the two countries to build it myself, and to develop an impression of the Iraqi street to the State of Kuwait. "
الى ذلك، وصف النائب عن القائمة العراقية عزت الشابندر دعوة وزير الخارجية الكويتي لبقاء العراق تحت طائلة الفصل السابع بانها" بمثابة اعلان حرب على الشعب العراقي".
The description from the list, the Iraqi deputy Izzat Shabandar invitation of Foreign Minister of Kuwait for the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII as "a declaration of war on the Iraqi people."
واضاف"ان هذه الدعوة تكشف عن الموقف الكويتي العدائي تجاه العراق وعدم النية لبناء علاقات طيبة مع العراق" مجددا دعوته للحكومة"بالتحرك بالوسائل السياسية وتحشيد المؤسسات العالمية لغلق ملف التعويضات الكويتية واجبار الكويت على دفع تعويضات للعراق عن جميع الخسائر التى لحقت به خلال الحرب العراقية الايرانية باعتبارها شريكا اساسيا ومحرضا على هذه الحرب".
"This call reveals the hostile attitude toward the Iraq-Kuwaiti and non-intention to build good relations with Iraq" reiterates its call to the government "to move through political and Thhid global institutions to close the file of Kuwaiti reparations to Kuwait and to force Iraq to pay compensation for all losses sustained during the Iran-Iraq war as a key partner and instigator of this war. "
على صعيد متصل، عدّ النائب المستقل عز الدين الدولة مطالبة وزير الخارجية الكويتي الامم المتحدة بعدم اخراج العراق من البند السابع بالـ"عمل غير النزيه تجاه الشعب العراقي".
Meanwhile, back independent MP Izz al-Din demanding the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs United Nations not to remove Iraq from Section VII by "unfair to the work of the Iraqi people."
وقال الدولة في مؤتمر صحفي عقده امس ان موقف وزير خارجية الكويت يؤكد ما اعلنته للكتل السياسية والشخصيات التي كانت تدافع عن الكويت، يبين موقف الكويت الحقيقي" من العراق."
The State in a press conference yesterday that the position of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait confirms that the announcement of the political blocs and the personalities who were to defend Kuwait, Kuwait shows the real position "of Iraq."
مشددا على ان موقف الكويت " لا يريد للشعب العراقي الراحة ،ونحن نعلن ان الكويت لها اليد الاولى في تفتيت الشعب العراقي، ولها اليد الطولى في دعم الكثير من التوجهات غير المتوازنة في العراق".
He stressed that the position of Kuwait, "did not want the Iraqi people for the rest, and we declare that Kuwait has the first hand in the dismantling of the Iraqi people, and have the upper hand in support of a lot of directions, however, balanced in Iraq."
واشار الدولة الى ان" العراق عندما ادرج تحت طائلة البند السابع من ميثاق الامم المتحدة كان يشكل خطرا على جيرانه في حينها، اما الان فهو لا يشكل اية خطورة على احد.
The state said that "Iraq is where it had been included under item VII of the Charter of the United Nations was a threat to its neighbors in a timely manner, but now it does not constitute any danger to anyone.
يذكر ان وزارة الخارجية الكويتية طالبت الجمعة الماضية مجلس الامن بإبقاء العراق تحت طائلة الفصل السابع واستمراره في تسديد التعويضات عبر استقطاع خمسة في المائة من ايراداته النفطية.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Security Council last Friday to keep Iraq under Chapter VII and its continuity in the payment of compensation through the deduction of five per cent of oil revenues.

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