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Ministry of Housing: the housing crisis will be resolved only to foreign investment and we have done since 2003 did not exceed 3%

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Ministry of Housing: the housing crisis will be resolved only to foreign investment and we have done since 2003 did not exceed 3%
1/8/2009 - 19:56
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, on Saturday, to encourage foreign companies to invest in housing to reduce the aggravation of the housing crisis in Iraq, indicating that the ministry had completed approximately 3% of Iraq's need for residential projects since 2003 till now.
The brocade Shawk told Voices of Iraq (VOI) that the ministry had "completed the 14 thousand housing units since 2003 constitute about three percent of Iraq's need for housing projects," noting that the housing crisis "will worsen unless more foreign companies to invest in housing in the country."
He explained that the ministry "in 2006 prepared a medium-term plan ending in 2015 to resolving the housing crisis in the country," he said, noting that it "relied on the Central Bureau of Statistics, which indicate that the hearts of Iraq in 2015 close to the 37.5 million people and on this basis, we need to 3.5 million housing units to cover the shortfall in the housing sector. "
The thorns that "the ministry's plan includes the creation of 350 thousand housing units per year to reach an end to the housing crisis in 2015," noting that his ministry "did not complete, only three percent of the annual need for Iraq faced as a result of the determinants of the lack of allocations in the forefront of financial and non-investors to enter to the local housing market and the lack of real investment, as well as the presence of obstructive legislation. " He said that the ministry "did not stand idly by the escalation of a crisis facing the housing," pointing out that we have a plan that would include five key elements for the development of the housing sector include the establishment of the first residential and low-cost segments of the marginalized and the bad in society, including the two who carried out the ministry is currently in the province of Najaf. "
"We have been completed, other two blocks, one in Baghdad and one in Kirkuk," and had "been one of the rehabilitation of two Mthritin in Nasiriya and Diwaniya in southern Iraq and we will during the next two months, a residential compound in Karbala."
The thorns that the second pillar of the plan "is to fund and support the Housing Fund, which was formed by Act No. 11 of 2004 One of the objectives of the fund to enable citizens to purchase or construction of housing units and real estate companies can be invested in Iraq to build housing units and selling them to the citizen", adding " But the lack of the banking sector to make the work specified in the Housing Fund loan of retired citizens and only seek to expand it to all the work is guaranteed by law. "
He added that the third axis, "which focused on cooperation with a group of countries that have expertise in the area of housing reconstruction and capacity-building and development of the housing sector and to prepare the necessary studies for the construction of projects and policy development and to identify the experiences of countries surrounding this matter."
The undersecretary of the ministry of the fourth axis "reflects the ministry to initiate the preparation of a new Iraqi Codes could be adopted in the qualitative upgrading of the building and construction in general, as well as improving the implementation of housing units, in particular," he said, adding that the project is currently "under the direct and completed a period of three years after it had been agreed with the investors and the private sector on a range of global Alkudat residential building complexes. "
The fifth and final axis "represents the formation of a committee headed by the National Housing and Construction Minister of the membership of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and the Ministers of Finance and Planning as well as Baghdad and the mission of this Committee to develop plans and mechanisms for the distribution of plots of land for staff and political prisoners and the families of the martyrs and those affected by military operations and terrorist," explaining that Committee "was prepared approximately 26 design for use by citizens in the construction of housing units with high quality and low cost."
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