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Shabandar: I do not rule out that the odds on the election law to keep the old law

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Shabandar: I do not rule out that the odds on the election law to keep the old law

(صوت العراق) - 04-08-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 04-08-2009

بغداد ( إيبا).. BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Did not rule out the MP Izzat Shabandar Iraq from the list, the difference between the leading parliamentary factions to keep the old law by which the elections were held in 2005.

The Shabandar in contact with the agency and the independent press (Iba) said Tuesday that members of the House of Representatives motivated largely because his resume after the end of the holiday start rotating immediately the subject of the election law, but "could not Aspad conflict to keep the old law"

On the other hand, welcomed the Shabandar the report submitted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday, describing it as "a report was largely positive."

Shabandar added that the report refers to the precise knowledge of the issue of Iraq, has provided a useful and realistic tips for all parties to the conflict and the political process, pointing out that "this is the advice of a precise diagnosis of the situation in Iraq."

The report said the moon that Iraq is passing through a crucial period of transition is confirmed by the increasing responsibility to the security and the national elections scheduled for next January, adding that he was concerned about the relations between the federal government in Baghdad, and the leadership of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Moon urged the local government of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan parliament to reconsider the articles of the draft constitution of Kurdistan, local, and can lead to a worsening of tensions, and the impact on the current discussions on the disputed border. (النهاية)/ز/.. (End) / g / ..

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