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Arab component in Kirkuk: Article 140 is no longer a valid legal

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Arab component in Kirkuk: Article 140 is no longer a valid legal

(Voice of Iraq) - 05-08-2009

Political Council, criticized the Arab in Kirkuk to the recent statements by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting of Kurdish leaders on his government's commitment to the implementation of article 140 for the normalization of the situation in the city and other disputed areas.

Called Hassan Hamad Daham Jubouri, a spokesman for the al-Maliki to reverse those remarks, saying in an interview with the correspondent "Radio Sawa" The life of the article are not through political deals, but through the mechanisms established by the Constitution and in accordance with Article 142 and through the constitutional amendments.

The article concluded that Jubouri the passing of the constitutional time limit set for implementation, he said: "Even the recent United Nations report said that the article is expired. Article in the governance of the dead now and can not be turning into the miracle of life and the only time of miracles is over."

Jubouri and warned that an attempt to revive the Article 140 would lead to the development of seeds for the division of the country, since all involve the provisions of paragraphs relating to the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs in Kirkuk and parts of Nineveh, Salaheddin, Diyala, he said.

The parties agreed Turkmen in Kirkuk, in Arabic with those on the invalidity of the article after the legal period for application, while the stresses of the Kurdish leaders that they still exist and remain in force.

Contact details in the report, "Radio Sawa" in Kirkuk, we have the happiest:

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