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Compatibility: open to all political Ckellna next year will not be limited to

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Compatibility: open to all political Ckellna next year will not be limited to

06/08/2009 Thursday, 15 - e -1430 Sha'baan

(UPI): The Accordance Front in the Iraqi parliament that the program would run through the next legislative elections will form a new political coalition called a "national and broad"

And establishes a new process for the line away from sectarian or denominational

The front member Abdel Karim al-Samarrai told (AKI) Italian news Thursday, the parliamentary bloc that "move people and political parties and the masses inside and outside the political process, as well as a number of academics and technocrats in the framework of its willingness to the formation of the coalition, which will be the largest of its kind from the alliances between all the political arena to include the parties do not represent the only component of the Sunni, "he said

The al-Samarrai, a prominent leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party, which is one of the three components of the Accordance Front, the President, that "the LTTE started about a month ago an extensive dialogues with the masses of political figures in order to prepare for the next parliamentary elections in the national program, will extend the post-election period and the formation of the Government of "he said, without revealing their political negotiating with his forehead, or the date of this alliance is forthcoming, saying" There is political openness to all, and we are still in the stage of consultations and discussions, which will continue so until the new political formation which will be announced in the event of features, and this may be in the next few weeks, "he said, according to

In a related development, sources denied the LTTE from within the Sunni Accordance quest for "attracting" some armed groups in the new coalition, saying in a statement to the Agency (AKI) news of the Italian, "the violent groups were excluded from the dialogues conducted by the current components of the front with the new" without giving further details on that

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