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Discuss the settlement of financial receivables between Syria and Iraq

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Discuss the settlement of financial receivables between Syria and Iraq .. And establi


Discuss the settlement of financial receivables between Syria and Iraq .. And establishment of a Syrian - Iraqi - Turkish joint
12/08/2009 Wednesday 21 - e -1430 Sha'baan
Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Minister of Finance, the finance minister's visit to Syria on Iraq at the head of the delegation constitutes an important new station in the process of bilateral relations
And the possibility of development for the better, said Dr. Hussein on the sidelines of the meeting held on Tuesday morning in the Finance Ministry with the Chairman and members of the Iraqi delegation that there are many agreements signed with the Iraqi side in the prevention of double taxation and cooperation in the field of banking, customs, and also in the free zones and Dr. Hussein We are trying through our common interest to contribute to the provision of legislative tools to support economic cooperation in other areas such as foreign trade and commercial exchange between the two countries and also in the areas of investment and energy, "said Dr Hussein, such as we are trying to secure the financial facilities and channels required to initiate and develop cooperation between the two sides in particular and we were able to sign many of the conventions by which the legislation currently in force and is staffed by the Finance Minister also pointed out that the visit of the Iraqi delegation on a very important as it contributes to the accumulation of the review of some of the observations or new horizons of development and not only with regard to the difficulties, but to reach a wider and better relations in various fields Finally, Dr. Hussein: This visit was a chance for us all to examine the broad prospects for cooperation, including a positive impact on the economic and political cooperation between the two brotherly countries of Syria and Iraq.
For his part, explained Baqer Al-Zubaidi, Iraq's Finance Minister that there is joint cooperation between Syria and Iraq in several areas, notably in the area of the free zones, customs, banks and also those areas will be to work through the accompanying delegation, the development of this inequality is considered here that the Al-Zubaidi, the current visit is to develop and not because the process of establishment of the foundation of good relations have been through our joint earlier in both Baghdad and Damascus and the Syrian sides, headed by the Iraqi Minister of Finance of the two brothers have the two delegations discussed the presence of members of the various issues on the agenda the subject of the most important financial benefits for both countries stressed the need to al-Hussein the closure of this thorny issue, and through cooperation and joint research between the Director-General of the Commercial Bank of Syria and his Iraqi counterpart and provide a final version to be fair to both sides.
The minister also stressed the need to complete the basic steps that have been previously approved for the establishment of the Bank and the establishment of a Syrian - Turkish-Iraqi joint and instructed both sides to complete the examination with the Turkish side to enter either through the contribution with a bank in Turkey for a joint bank incorporation under the mechanisms adopted
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