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Continue the meetings between the components of the National Coalition

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Continue the meetings between the components of the National Coalition and the identification of the beginning of Ramadan to announce a new date by

2009-08-13 18:05:34 2009-08-13 18:05:34

بغداد ( إيبا)/تقرير/.. BAGHDAD (Iba) / report / ..

Postponed a statement issued by the National Alliance announced the new squad, which was scheduled on Wednesday to 24 of this month.

The leader read a statement in the Islamic Dawa party lawmaker Hassan Sunaid, who said: "The delay is due to the political blocs to form the first two to move on the national political spectrum in order to join the coalition and the second to develop a mechanism to form the lists.

It seems that the announcement was made in the context of the political movement among the basic components of the national coalition, such as the planned visit to the most recent declaration of Ammar al-Hakim and the Supreme Council of Islamic leaders to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his office last Tuesday evening, the meeting was attended by Sheikh Hamam Hamoudi and Reda Jawad Taqi Attorney and the Attorney improve Sa'idi As part of the Islamic Dawa Party, Sheikh Abdul-Halim Hassan and Attorney Zuheiry Senaid and others.

Trading mechanisms, the formation of the coalition meeting and the final version of the statement with its new composition, and the parties discussed preparations for the programs of the coalition that was intended to be a national project of Haafiz during the next phase which will see major shifts affecting the heart of the political process.

Well-informed sources that a positive atmosphere prevailed in the meeting and the parties have shown concern and the desire to promote responsibility and meet the challenges of building a national coalition to accommodate all political forces.

In the meeting, an agreement to continue consultations, which resulted from the meeting of political parties on Friday in the office of Hakim in Baghdad and joined the Islamic Dawa Party, to discuss the declaration of the coalition.

The sources said the meeting was chaired by Sheikh Hamam Hamoudi, in which the Attorney-Senaid, and Dr. Hassan. Haidar Abadi, from the Islamic Call.

The meeting discussed the proposal of the Dawa Party, the possibility to postpone the date of the initial declaration announced by the Preparatory Committee at its meeting on Monday expanded on Thursday as the date for the announcement.

The conferees expressed their readiness to respond to the proposal provided a date chosen by the last Prime Minister to not later than the end of the third week of this month.

The parties agreed that the announcement of the coalition is beginning the holy month of Ramadan, especially the twenty-fourth of this month.

And be in the coming days to finalize the draft of the principles and fundamentals of the coalition. And to reach common convictions among the parties on the mechanisms required for the declaration

According to sources familiar with the other prospects for the formation of a sub-committee to discuss the controversial points between the two main parties and for opening up to other political forces.

. Meanwhile, some sources said the prospects for an independent fundamental differences in the settlement within the next few days between the Supreme Council and the Islamic Da'wa parties, as they face pressure from all religious, political and social differences and to curtail the face of challenges and work to bring solutions to the problems acceptable to the parties, through the leadership of the main parties involved .

The deputy, Khaled al-Asadi said the new coalition is working to open up to all political forces, the coalition insists on the list open.

And the results of recent negotiations between the masses of the coalition said Mahdi al-Bayati stressed that the meeting participants between the Supreme Council and Dawa party and the identification of an early date for the announcement of the alliance.

Meanwhile, Iraq announced that the mass uprising Alcabanip alliance with the list of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (a coalition of law) to enter into the next parliamentary elections.

The secretary general of the bloc, Abu Hassan Saadi asked at a conference convened by the bloc in Baghdad, "The Uprising, Alcabanip together with the rule of law to be the basis for the government in its fight against terrorism and corruption." The Ktltna seek to contribute to creating an atmosphere of love between the spectrum of all the people Iraq's stability in the country, "he said, noting that" this conference held Recalling the sacrifices of the martyrs of the uprising of the year 1991, which was able to move the Iraqi street, and removing the barrier of fear of the unjust dictatorship.

In a related part, the President of the Anbar Salvation Council, Sheikh Hamid-Hays to enter into the composition of the new Iraqi National Coalition of "important step" towards ending the sectarian and national construction of the project.

Hays said in a press statement: The "We have examined the foundations of the new bloc, its objectives and serve and find the next stage will be representative of all the mass spectrum of the Iraqi people have got real guarantees on this, pointing out that the Anbar Salvation Council is the only body representing the people of Anbar, the coalition has been popular support among the broad political.

The President of the Iraqi Center for Development Information, Dr. Adnan Al-Sarraj was optimistic announcement of the forthcoming Iraqi National Coalition and the political project in the political process, saying that it was he who would ensure the promotion of national unity and cohesion of frames away from the sectarian and factional. (End) / g / ..

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