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CBI rules out high inflation

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1 CBI rules out high inflation on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:09 pm


CBI rules out high inflation


Adviser to the Central Bank rule out the return of high inflation, economic
2009-08-17 13:42:04

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. ruled the Central Bank of Iraq adviser to the return of high inflation, economic to Iraq after the latest report issued by the Council of Arab Economic Unity on the rise in inflation rates in the Arab world.

The appearance of Dr Mohamed Saleh told the independent press (Iba) on Monday to be the least affected country in the region the global financial crisis, which affected their Baktaatha all, without exception, unlike Iraq, which continued when the inflation rates to decline during the past two years.

He added that the foundation Makeshvh inflation report last month of the arrival of the annual rate to 7.8 percent, indicating the success of monetary policy and financial control of the economic difficulties that were likely to occur due to security disturbances.

He spoke highly in favor of the plans programmed for fiscal policy to assign the strategy of monetary policy set by the Central Bank of years ago.
Referring to the bank to follow-up studies on the development of areas related to the financial sector by the experts.

It should be noted that the Arab Economic Unity Council issued a report on the high inflation rates in the Arab countries, among which the possibility of the spread of the phenomenon in the Arab States. (End) / 20 /

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