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health bill part 2

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1 health bill part 2 on Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:35 am


a difference of $1,429, the study found. Prescription drugs accounted for much of the increase."
Obese Americans now outweigh the merely overweight. Current studies show that just in the past year alone, adult obesity rates grew in 23 states; there was no reduction in any state of the Union. Do you know that 2/3rds of adult Americans are now fat or obese? Roughly 72 million. That is staggering. Equally horrible is that childhood obesity is skyrocketing with almost 1/3rd of America's children and teens are now fat or obese. Why, even Comrade Obama/Soetoro's new "Surgeon General" (one of the biggest waste of taxpayer money) is fat. What kind of example is she setting?
If Americans want to take a big bite out of health care costs, they need to look in the mirror.
We don't need any taxpayer funded programs to do this, just common sense. You stop eating ALL processed foods and junk food from fast "food" joints. Read the labels. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get exercise every single day even if you just walk. America didn't start getting fat until massive consumption of fast foods and poor eating habits and took over.
While this massive resistance is going on to fight this bogus health care reform, there are other bills Congress wants passed and signed into law by the usurper: Cap and Trade is one. Second is the complete take over of all our food and right to grow it.
These liars, crooks and thieves are scheduled back to session on September 8, 2009. We must keep the heat on to stop a final "cap and trade" bill from passing. We have pounded on these lawbreakers and are close to defeating "cap and trade." We must not let up until we win: Climate Change Measure Should Be Set Aside, U.S. Senators Say. The Federal Department of Energy was created on August 4, 1977. The goal was to provide lots of things; the reality is just one more huge failure sucking up hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. We don't need more of the same with this "cap and trade" that will further steal the fruits of our labor and bring us nothing but more grief, laws, regulations and unemployment.
These insane lunatics in the House of Representatives have passed H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. This is one of THE most dangerous pieces of legislation next to the take over of health care and "cap and trade." The complete take over of our food supply must be stopped. This unconstitutional legislation will make criminals of anyone who dares to grow food in their own yard. That bill has NOTHING to do with food safety. It has everything to do with total control by a totalitarian government apparatus. Stay in the face of your federal senator during this recess and tell them to throw out H.R. 2749 and leave us alone.
That bill is also all about the Tenth Amendment and let me quote from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund:
"S.510 calls for federal regulation of how farmers grow and harvest product. Farmers selling food directly to local markets are inherently transparent and accountable to their customers, and there is no reason to impose these regulations on them."
If you study all these bills in depth, there is no question this is the final thrust to Sovietize these united States of America. Those who don't do a single minute of research or who want mother government to run their health care lash out at anyone who opposes such draconian laws. Millions of desperate Americans attack those of us who believe the Constitution matters and holding his/her member of Congress accountable for destroying this country. The U.S. Constitution means nothing to them. They do not understand that only a free market will create affordable health care and coverage like we used to have before Congress began passing laws that have made an absolute mess of the system. These are the voices of America's destruction.

Please, if you don't know about those bills, read the material in the links section and get on the phone to your member of Congress. Get to those town hall meetings. Spread the word to family, friends, business colleagues and people at your church. We the people demand these bills get killed once and for all. They are unconstitutional and there's no money to pay for them. The American people are being driven into poverty while Congress continues to write hot checks. We know the agenda is world government and that means full and complete control over every aspect of our lives.

Pathological liar, Obama/Soetoro, will do and say anything to get these bills to his desk. With the truth and our voices we can defeat them. Then we must go after the states of the Union in January to stop all of this through the power of the purse and the power of the sword. State legislators: I wrote about this a year ago. Here is the truth about what will happen if you don't implement these measures in your state as quickly as humanly possible; click here.
Important links:
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(See links at bottom of column for the truth)
1 - Shocking video of ACORN thugs and local police outside a town hall meeting preventing people from speaking to each other, under threat of law.
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10 - Dr. Ron Paul: Health care is not a right
Are you the constant patient?
1 - The High Price of America's Gluttony June 4, 2003
2 - Sloth, gluttony & the coming medical financial tsunami January 25, 2007
3 - Master mini file on diseases


2 Re: health bill part 2 on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:00 am


this is the part we really dont like....

Posted on August 12, 2009

-By Warner Todd Huston

Do you want government healthcare? OK, then you shouldn’t mind if the government comes knocking at your door to see if you are raising your child in the government approved manner, right? Well that is just another of the authoritarian provisions of Obamacare.

Former Hollywood tough guy and current conservative columnist Chuck Norris found another one of Obama’s little Chicago styled, thuggish provisions tucked into the House healthcare bill that should make everyone worry about government overreach.

In sections 440 and 1904 on page 838 of the House bill, government aggregates unto itself the right to invade the home of any citizen with minor children in order to institute “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children.” The supposed goal is to “help” train parents in the government approved style of child rearing.

Now, you do understand what this means, don’t you? This means that if the government perfunctory that enters the home decides in her wisdom that the children in the home are not being raised in the government approved way, why then the Department of Children and Family Services will be called in to remove the children from the home. (Side note: I say “her” above because it will likely never be a male government employee in such a position. I am not violating the standard practice of using the male pronoun.)

With this “visitation” provision, we are setting up a situation where Obama will be invading parent’s homes and taking away their children.

Does it seem over-the-top of me to say that government intruders will fan out across the country, removing children from homes thanks to Obamacare? Are you rolling your eyes at what you consider my hyperbole?

Well, don’t.

Let us consider the facts here. If government employees charged with the health and welfare of children begin to “visit” homes across America and these government thugs see situations of which they do not approve, such as home schooling or religious practices they disagree with, then they will be obligated by law to inform on these recalcitrant parents.

Think about this. Wouldn’t a government employee be strung up by her neck should she ignore what could potentially be child abuse? Wouldn’t the Old Media go crazy if a child was found abused and it later came out that an Obamacare “visitation” service was performed at the home yet the abuse was ignored?

You bet it would. Such a government employee would find her face and name all over the media in a feeding frenzy of condemnation.

Of course, I am not talking here about great railroad cars loaded full of the nation’s children that have been ripped from their parent’s bosoms sent off to be warehoused in government camps. It will be nothing so blatant as that. But what will result is that parents will be fearful for their family every time an Obamacare operative comes knocking at the door for another government approved “help” session to begin. That will be nearly as bad. Parents will tremble at the fear that a government perfunctory will determine that they spy “abuse” when that front door opens.

The problem here is, who determines what “abuse” means? Well, the government thug sent into your home will, naturally. Real abuse need never have occurred for the full force of Obama’s jack-booted government officials to come down on a parent. Children will be summarily removed from the home on even the slightest suspicion that “abuse” has occurred.

And YOU will have voted for this to happen with your support of Obamacare.

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