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Allawi: Yes Kuwaiti relations - Iraq's tense and can resolve outstanding issues through dialogue aimed Pacific

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Allawi: Yes Kuwaiti relations - Iraq's tense and can resolve outstanding issues through dialogue aimed Pacific

(صوت العراق) - 31-08-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 31/08/2009

He stressed that delaying the nomination of Ambassador to Kuwait, Baghdad because of quotas

Books - Shawky Mahmoud and Mr. retribution:

In an interview never lacking in courage and candor, speaking Prime Minister of Iraq and former President of the Iraqi List d. Iyad Allawi about the situation in Iraq and Baghdad's ties with neighboring capitals, namely Damascus and Tehran.

He Allawi told reporters Thursday evening after attending the ceremony Aaftaroqamh Mohammed Jassem al-Saqr of the founders of the Council of Arab relations and foreign affairs that Baghdad's ties with some Arab countries including Kuwait tense.

Allawi spoke in his speech to the recent bombings in Baghdad on Wednesday before last, pointing out that Iraq speed up the accusations before knowing the results of investigations. Allawi addressed the many issues and details are as follows.

How do you see the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations as Kuwait is one of Iraq's neighboring countries?

Iraqi-Turkish relations tense, and the Iraqi-Syrian relations tense, and tense relations between Iraq and Iran and the Iraqi-Jordanian relations, which also charges the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations were also tense.

I think that all of these tensions can be solved, especially as tensions with Kuwait include issues can be solved and we have to recognize that there is a problem and we have to recognize also that this problem is solvable and the solution lies in a calm dialogue and meaningful access to the dismantling of such tensions.

Often hear such talk and the need to find solutions to the Kuwaiti-Iraqi outstanding files, but have not seen progress in these files?

This responsibility of the parties Kuwait and Iraq and they adopt dialogue and diagnose problems and agreed that these problems a lot of solutions, has completed stages of the wars and battles ... etc. It has gone for good.

But Iraq has not been appointed ambassador in Kuwait until now despite the fact that Kuwait has sent its ambassador to Baghdad since the period of what reasons?

Fact there is no political reason is known to be subject to a qualifying Iraqi political affiliations, were approved by the Iraqi Council of Representatives for almost 3 weeks before the start of recess appointment of 40 ambassadors.

Is it in Baghdad, including the Ambassador of Kuwait?

Assumes that has sent the list to the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq for adoption, signing and issuing presidential decrees, their own and then await approval from Kuwait to the appointment of Ambassador of Iraq to have any length of time that was due to political affiliations.

How do you see the position of Kuwait from Iraq out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations?

Regardless of the United Nations must be discussed files between Iraq and Kuwait directly in quiet and meaningful dialogue and to build future relations strategy through the development of basic rules are to link economic, commercial, financial, and this will be the main category to recognize the fraternal relations strategy emanates from the sovereignty of Kuwait and also the rights of Iraq and things are not equal I think the people in a state of hostility conversely, there is a lot of posts and the links between Iraq and Kuwait, Kuwaiti and Iraqi people and we need to invest the tragedies of what happened in Kuwait and start again, because life does not come forward to back and through genuine, constructive dialogue contributes to the Iraqis and Kuwaitis to diagnose problems and to agree on There is no solution does not solve anything between friends.

How do you see Iraq after the recent events?

Imralarac stage is very critical and dangerous because of the political process itself is still not comprehensive and balanced as well as State-building project is still impoverished and thus, unfortunately, there will be such a hassle and hope that the forthcoming elections in the routes of the political process and win totals, which provides state-building and the draft of the Iraqi state, do not believe pro rata Regional and factional and others.

Notes that there is pessimism for the future of Iraq after the events of Black Wednesday?

There are factors to be very troubling, and other factors call for optimism, including what happened in the recent provincial elections and the insistence of the Iraqi people to overcome the political and sectarian quota rejected the election of security and the adoption of quotas by political as well as secure the politicization of religion and the emergence of new leaders and forces a young woman in Iraq and we hope to build upcoming elections, these indicators and reach real powers able to change the course of the political process.

Do you mean the change in the prime minister?

I do not mean a change in prime minister, but I mean the important question of the draft of the Iraqi state, we want the forces that believe in the need for coherence and integrity of the political process and the integrity of her career and the path in the right direction and these are the main points that must prevail.

The issue is not who the prime minister and who will be responsible and who will be leader?

Etc. as much as the question is how we will build the Iraqi state and how we will ensure that the political process involving all Iraqis, except the terrorists and murderers.

Note that Iraq has charged directly to Syria in the explosions on Black Wednesday was the first time referring to the state of Iraq?

It seems that there is a difference in these comments, it is the charge of Minister to Iran, including from the face of charges to the security forces, and the prime minister and government spokesman, the charges against Syria.

In my opinion he should have been conducting the investigation, and at least spare key phases of the investigation to uncover the identity of who was behind this cowardly criminal act and then move internationally and regionally to address the results of investigations by diagnosing actors.

Suggested that Iran's Foreign Minister during his visit to Baghdad recently held a meeting of Iraqi neighboring states to discuss the situation in Iraq, but there are meetings of these countries, why this new proposal?

Yes, there are meetings of the permanent Iraqi neighboring states, unfortunately, frankly, these meetings sterile and have no evidence the results of this continuous flow into Iraq from the terrorist forces and harmful to the Iraqis, neighboring countries could not develop the necessary mechanisms to address these problems not to mention the other problems in the region and not only in Iraq.

I think that there must be a clear policy for Foreign Affairs of Iraq, foreign policy is in the region's stability and integrity and to speak directly away from the media as possible understanding with the neighboring countries.

Do you hope better than the Iranian and Turkish mediation between Syria and Iraq?

God willing, come to an end the tension and, God willing, things will return to normal and that the real perpetrators are identified and handed over to Iraq, where we did not know now who are the perpetrators?

So far, there are accusations of Syria and the other to the internal security of Iraq and said Iraqi Foreign Minister, and there are other charges and accusations of Iran's al-Qaeda of being behind the operations and the accusations that the Baathists and behind the explosions and the accusations that are part of the resistance behind these operations.

For this we had to wait and to identify the beginning of an investigation and the sources of crime, and then through the bilateral relations away from the media with the use of existing channels such as the League of Arab States and this can be resolved matters and not the accusations of the media and accusations that loses credibility.

In your opinion, why stick to Syria Baathists residents have?

As well as in the past we were in Syria and Jordan and the other did not recognize these governments to Saddam Hussein, and of course I was not political refugees praise and thanksgiving, is known to those refugees Mhamin international laws, it is difficult to extradite them.

However, there was really a fixed charge on those who committed this act and must reside in Syria, the Syrian government to hand over to Iraq.

We heard about the Iranian mediation between Syria and Turkey and Iraq, but did not hear about Arab mediation Why?

God willing, see such mediations and I talked with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa in this matter is ready but has a mediation in the Sudan, Somalia and appointed by God to do so.

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