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Priorities of the next Parliament: Adoption of the important laws and file security, interrogations and External Relations

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Priorities of the next Parliament: Adoption of the important laws and file security, interrogations and External Relations

(Voice of Iraq) - 06/09/2009

بغداد - الصباح BAGHDAD - morning

House of Representatives is expected during the new legislative term, which begins its sessions on Tuesday, a lot of hard work to accomplish many of the tasks entrusted to him. While there are currently more than 30 laws ready for a vote by the House of Representatives,

The security situation and relations with neighboring countries and issues and host a question ministers and officials will not be absent from the agenda of future sessions of parliament, in addition to the need to resolve the issue of general elections and find a solution on the system that is applied or go to amend or enact a new law for the elections., According to Falah Hassan Shanshal, MP from the Sadrist bloc: "There are several issues to be discussed, including the security file and the lack of intelligence effort and tension Iraqi-Syrian relations." Shanshal said in a statement quoted by news agency Nina, "The crisis between Iraq and Syria should be looking more realistic, as there are countries that have contributed to to destabilize the security ", alluding to the existence of important laws will be discussed, including oil and gas law and the military pension and elections."

The last hearing of the House of Representatives on 28 July. The MP Bahaa al-Chairman of the Legal Committee in the House, announced the "morning" Recently, the presence of 30 bill ready for vote during the next legislative term, noting that "the Committee was finally written several bills, amounting to 70 proposals and the draft law, 30 of them prepared to vote during the next legislative term," pointing at the same time the existence of political differences on many of these laws He explained that the Council will during the next legislative interviews and Astdavat to some officials and ministers, and this means the allocation of many of the sessions for that matter, and therefore Council's delay in passing laws. "

For his part, Deputy of Virtue block cream-Yacoubi said the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to grill the prime Independent High Electoral Faraj in the twelfth month. Yacoubi said: "The interrogation of the President of the Council of the Electoral Commission was due to violations that took place in provincial elections past ", noting that" the House of Representatives will hold consecutive meetings to evaluate the work of the security and re-considered.

"He continued:" The bombings Wednesday showed the absence of a clear strategy to fight terrorism and the inability of intelligence agencies to provide adequate information in order to avoid violations, "noting that" establish security in the country can not be achieved unless there is strong leadership and has overall coordination between them and the security services and all the institutions of government.

"It is said that there are many laws broken, such as oil and gas law and protection of journalists and the law of parties and the electoral law and the social protection network and security agreement with Britain and amending the Investment Law and the supplementary budget and retirement of military and civil, and other laws that the House of Representatives approved during the recent legislative. turn revealed an MP for the Iraqi Accordance Front, a member of the Integrity Commission, hope the judge, the Commission's intent to host some ministers during the next legislative term, including the Ministers of Labor and Transport and the Inspector Ministry of the Displaced, referring to the possibility of questioning and electricity minister in the parliament.

"She drew the judge that he" will host the Minister of Immigration is also against the backdrop of issues related to financial and administrative corruption in the process of reconstruction of Sadr City and Shula, in addition to preparing the report and read to the House of Representatives and referred to the Integrity Commission on the the financial and administrative corruption in the assignment of Karbala sewage tender to one company, "she said.

The legislative term, which begins on Tuesday will be the last, because Iraq on the verge of parliamentary elections in January 16 to elect a new parliament chooses a new government. In Arbil , the head of the Legal Committee of the Parliament of Kurdistan Shirwan al-Haidari said the first meeting of Parliament will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, and that one of the articles on the work of parliamentary committees may be subject to some adjustments in his first meeting. The Chairman of the Committee in a press statement that is likely to add the other four committees, namely, fairness and young people, consumer rights, civil society organizations to existing committees to become the 18 parliamentary committee.

He continued: "It is scheduled to be proposed in addition to the complaints of the citizens as well, noting that he will call the members who resigned from parliament, pointing at the same time the petition is aimed to formalize the resignation through submission to the chairman of the parliament to install the rest of the members of the bloc's parliamentary positions in sequence

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