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Zebari: the situation in solidarity with the Kurdish government's positions completely

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Zebari: the situation in solidarity with the Kurdish government's positions completely

(صوت العراق) - 08-09-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 08/09/2009
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PUKmedia إيلاف 10:15 08/09/2009 PUKmedia ILLAFTrain 10:15 08/09/2009

In the Foreign Ministry building, which included ethnic damaged decks, floor exercise, which the Minister Hoshyar Zebari when his work while he was in the ministry, met him ILLAFTrain Remarkably minister sit in a large hall was put two chairs in one of its aspects to receive official state guests.

On the other side sat on the sofa Minister replying to the questions Ilaf hastily, with scattered local and Arab newspapers on the couch and floor of the office where we had this dialogue highway. The minister was keen to focus on answers to the crisis raging between Iraq and Syria, which did not subside after the fire.

He believed that Iran is meddling in Iraq, just as do the rest of the neighboring countries such as Syria and others. Adding that the united States and Mardadtha her if exposed to the threat of external or internal. But it is Iraq's inverse, because the Iraqi politicians "is united not only in word nor in the position," making Iraq appear as weak as people and nations, countries do not respect his officials all spoke on the whims and personal interest or the interest of his party and his bloc.

And kept the minister in response to the charges that have dogged for nights spent in a red Arab capitals and European cities. Saying only that the Iraqi judiciary was ordered to pay the accused intended MP Sami Askari, an adviser Prime Minister of $ 40 million in compensation to the Minister .. And through the Iraqi foreign minister Elaph felt pain and anguish of the bombing, which killed some 42 staff in the ministry. In addition to some 508 injured, injuring 80 of them critical.

Zebari pointed out that the injured were taken to Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Spain, France and Germany for treatment .. He noted that work was well under way for the reconstruction of the ministry, and the Iraqi government had made commitments to provide the money necessary for rebuilding and reconstruction of the ministry.

Asked why the uproar that accompanied the bloody bombings Wed Baghdad, Zebari said that the latest bombing was different this time because he did not mean the State Department alone, but the blood was a message addressed to the Government and the heart of the Iraqi government itself - because the bomb attack was not aimed at an Iraqi military forces or foreign. Or sectarian or other gatherings. Indeed, the bombing was the destruction of the Government and the State and Shell ability. He added: It is the largest explosion happened in Iraq since 2003. And the targeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs specifically meant to target the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.

How do you evaluate the diplomatic relations between Iraq and the world?

Iraq has developed relations with the countries of the world. Which reached the highest level of diplomatic representation. And Iraq has 86 diplomatic missions and 73 embassies, 13 consulates general .. and Iraq's relations with the world and even neighboring countries, despite good recent tension with Syria. However, relations have continued had not been interrupted in terms of visits from countries of the world continuing mutual benefit. In addition to the increasing number of visiting delegations to Iraq until Hardly free days of those visits.

But the Arab states, non-interacting with the Iraqi government?

If we start from the crisis with Syria. With regard to the position of prime minister is the highest executive authority in Iraq - and the decision was taken there was no one person, but from Iraq .. We call upon the Baathists. Syrians say that you were not opposed to bringing you to let the Iraqi government.

Iraq's position today is different, because Iraq is a friendly country to Syria this first. Secondly, the Iraqi opposition in the days of Saddam Hussein did not provide the bombing of innocent people. Saddam Hussein's regime was hostile to Syria and hostile to the Iraqi opposition in Syria. Organizations and the Iraqi opposition in Syria in those days may be owned by an armed resistance, but did not resort to terrorism once the opposition did not use her days of car bombs or terrorism. Iraqi opposition to Saddam Hussein, which was in Syria did not detonate car bombs in Baghdad or the provinces. There was resistance used as legitimate targets. State security forces as as institutions and security. But the opposition did not use the bombing of people because it is not the attitude of the opposition.

But Syria's policy known to all and not to hand over its opposition to any reason - try Saddam Hussein and were swayed by providing them with generous offers of oil but they did not hand him over his opponents?

But the situation is different today. There are two reasons why Syria must attention to in case our demand for extradition. First, there is an arrest warrant to be extradited from Syria. Orders or warrants of arrests issued by Interpol, and not to spend local or Arab. I mean there is an international legal support - Second call for deliver to Syria of sheltering them, by way of addressing these names. Because the wanted wanted for the Iraqi judiciary.

Do you mean by Yunis al-Ahmed and Izzat al-Douri.?

Yes - if Syria extradited surely will go on trial and interrogation. Will not be executed directly as some had expected!

Do you think the government is serious - to proceed with a claim Syria handed over?

Yes, because the latter crime is very large and involved with many of the parties. Whom is outside the jurisdiction of Iraq. We asked for this to send a fact-finding and the formation of an international criminal court, in order to protect the lives of Iraqis, and to serve as a deterrent to all States that is meddling in Iraq?

Mean that the Iraqi government as possible to demand other countries to hand over wanted her?

Yes - certainly - the process is not programmed against Syria only, but each country interfering in Iraq's affairs must be tried.

Send me a message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations in this regard - What are the latest developments?

When we sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the just distribution of the letter to the members of the Security Council - I mean, we have seen impressive support and response. But we must concentrate on the essential point. A unity, and the Iraqi decision. Mean (mu each and every one tells the form).

There is action and international support. This international move must be accompanied by a unit in the Iraqi decision and the unity of the political situation in Iraq. Because the issue is not trivial or easy, but with international support and the unity of the Iraqi position can achieve something and make progress.

But the Iraqi political resolution is not uniform?

Yes, unfortunately. Note the elites and political leaders in Iraq are not uniform - in all countries that are threatened by internal or external, we find that the opposition Mardadtha forget, and their differences fade. And take a stand with the decision-makers. But in Iraq, we create problems and issues and phishing in troubled waters and crises. Each one (the form and tells his mood). Knights of satellite channels, especially on issues not tell the relationship is not aware of them.!!

Saleh al-Mutlaq of the mean or Adel Abdul-Mahdi, or from?

Parliamentarians and some politicians.

But you Athemtem certain political views, you spoke of collusion by the cradle of the bloody bombings on Wednesday?

Not .. We said that there is complicity of the security services. Otherwise, it is not reasonable to load trucks with each one of them more than 2 tons of explosives without anyone noticing. Particularly that there is a decision prevents the passage of trucks after the fourth time the afternoon? The bombing had passed, and how am allowed to trucks filled with tons of explosives to pass .. then who is responsible for the protection of this firm? Is it the responsibility of Baghdad operations or the Ministry of Interior or Defense, or the responsibility of firm responsible for protecting the Green Zone?

How do you evaluate the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait?

Kuwait during the recent bombings demonstrated good faith through a good faith gesture. Were quick to condemn the bombings. And sent a plane to transport the injured. It is a good gesture by the Amir of Kuwait.

For decades, fear and Kuwait from Iraq - but after 2003 the situation has changed Iraq today is a fear of Kuwait?

Yes ... we have some outstanding problems with Kuwait, on the provisions of Chapter VII. And Iraq's attempt to get out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. Especially since a lot "of issues in the provisions of the seventh item on the Kuwait border and demarcation for example, between Iraq and Kuwait. File missing Kuwaitis and their fate, and fate of Kuwaiti property and file compensation and debt profile, and others.

Of course, got an exchange of information and the tension considerably. But the truth is there is a tendency to address these issues - we told the Kuwaiti brothers is not reasonable that the State of Kuwait is the only country that calls for keeping Iraq under Chapter VII. And you are an Arab country. With the whole world is demanding to bring the Iraq of the provisions of Chapter VII. We tell them you are with the media to expel Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII, but remain on Iraq's obligations towards Kuwait.

Do you believe that the future relationship between Iraq and Kuwait assured?

I do not see Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations will reach a crisis point - and I always say and people may be critical of me for saying this - but I kept saying "It's not for Kuwait to liberate Iraq from dictatorship" - always say this and I believe him ..

And the role of Iran in Iraq?

Who can deny it. Yes, there is an Iranian role. Iran is in Iraq. There are the effects of Iranian and clear. We have relations with Iran relations stuck on the Shatt al-Arab border. For example, you must draw the border. Visiting Iranian foreign minister to Iraq after recent attacks - he should do it and concert we observe all the abuses and meddling by Iran on our borders and police stations - all of them and face them, record them as formal rules, assets and diplomatic rules. Will not leave them a chance to either get the details of Iranian interference is the responsibility of security agencies and intelligence ministries, interior and defense ministries. And security violations that come to us from the security ministries of Interior and Defense to prove Iran's involvement in the abuses we record them and face them out.

What about the Iraqi-Saudi relationship?

Even Saudi Arabia, as well as her role in Iraq - but we must remember that Saudi Arabia currently has condemned the recent bombings and offered to help to treat the injured and expressed willingness to send a plane. But so far there is no embassy or the Saudi ambassador in Iraq and it needs patience and Tignes. We need time and patience because the case will not be achieved in the night and day. Will not be achieved by the likes only. In addition to Iraqis should stick to our positions and our interests and unity .. If Iraq is united and one speech, people will honor. If each one tells its own in Iraq will not Ihtermna people.

But the word "Iraqis are not uniform, neither those positions?

Yes, unfortunately this talk is realistic. That I continued to do so, you will not Ntrjy good!!

Explains the absence of the Kurds on the Iraqi-Syrian crisis .. What is their position?

I assure you that the situation in solidarity with the Kurdish government's attitude completely.

What about the Ankara conference, what is the substance of whether he would attend the conference, Jalal Talabani?

Indeed, I do not know whether the conference will be held or not - but President Jalal Talabani will attend the meetings of the General Assembly in New York ..

Elections to come - What is your fate and the fate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - do not believe they will remain in yours?

We are part of the political process and a key party in the political process. The builders of the new Iraq and will remain a party to the process and the political equation

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

This is based on political alliances, and the size of the election's outcome - whether foreign or other - I rest in the State and the government.

You have raised a lawsuit against the Attorney Sami al-Askari, on charges of defamation?

Lawsuit is filed a defamation suit the reputation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to discredit me ..

Is Astelemtem of 40 million dinars of compensation ordered by the court?

Sami al-Askari to pay 40 million - the amount ordered by the court, which ruled in my favor.

This is a precedent in the Iraqi judicial system?

Yes, it is a precedent - but it is not over yet - and when the judiciary - will be the first to know ILLAFTrain full details

There are of interest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the absence of professionalism, absence of efficiency - and corruption in Iraqi embassies and a lot of talk is not pleased?

And by God is true - and by God these accusations is true - we are not responsible for them. Such as the choice of ambassadors. Parliament recently approved the appointment of 57 ambassadors, "but we in the Foreign Ministry rejected more than 100 ambassadors. We have access to them, all the interviews were in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the presence of others and does not comply with the minimum limits of capacity and specifications Ambassador we rejected both candidates .- party invitation, or the compatibility or the Kurdistan Alliance and others.

Ambassadors have been selected according to the sectarian quota system and political?

Yes - I say they were subjected to quotas. This is a fact!

What are the orientations of the Kurdistan Alliance for the upcoming elections ..?

This talk is premature - but for the Kurdistan Alliance strategies and alliances with political circles and a deep friendship with some of the political parties - I do not think that the upcoming electoral alliances deviate away from the road ..!!

What about the allegations concerning the Qdhaikm nights red Arab and European capitals?

I will not speak on this subject now - but the next few days will witness my innocence of all charges by the Iraqi judiciary.


Yep--no doubt, Chapter VII is alive and well.

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