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Hashim al-Tai: the causes of political and technical and security impede the course of adoption of laws

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Hashim al-Tai: the causes of political and technical and security impede the course of adoption of laws

2009-09-09 16:35:20 2009-09-09 16:35:20

بغداد( إيبا )... BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP Hashim al-Tai of the bloc that "political reasons, technical and security laws that impede the course before the House of Representatives."

The Council of Representatives on Tuesday dismissed recent legislative session of the current parliamentary and had a lot of laws to be enacted during the remaining duration.

He said al-Tai told the independent press (Iba) on Wednesday that "the political issue and the relationship between central government and Kurdistan Regional Government impede the passage of a law of oil and gas, as the general amnesty law did not take the way of implementation, as well as hinder the adoption of a law of parties, while receiving the fragility of the security aspect so far overshadowed the work of the Council. "

He pointed out that "it is important laws which will be discussed and approved the foundation is primarily the election law and then discuss a document of political reform and legal parties, oil and gas."

With regard to the alliances of the new al-Tai said that "the formation of political blocs is a sign of the broad health and not a sign of disease, but the disease is to be the capital of sectarian quotas in the large blocs, if the first leaders remained as they were likely to remain the same quota."

He noted "the need for broad public participation in the next Alasthakqat because quotas will remain that the people did not participate the elections."

The Independent Higher Commission for Elections has announced that there is a broad reluctance by citizens to renew their voting cards. (End) / 11 / p /.

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