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Ten resolutions for Iraq at the end of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers

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Ten resolutions for Iraq at the end of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers

09:58 12/09/2009

Issued by the Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers of its annual (132), which concluded on Thursday in the Egyptian capital Cairo in the presence of an Iraqi delegation headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, many decisions about the current situation in the Arab arena, including (10) resolutions for Iraq in comes to read:
Condemnation of terrorist bombings
Condemned the Arab foreign ministers in a resolution on the situation in Iraq, the terrorist bombings in Baghdad on 19 of the last month, which targeted a number of government institutions and buildings, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance, which has killed hundreds of innocent people, and considered that these acts constitute a threat to international peace and security, pursuant to Council resolution security.
Security plan to enforce the law
Avenue and welcomed the steps taken by the government of Iraq in implementing the security plan to impose law and to the positive results achieved by the plan to reduce violence and restore security and hunt down the hotbeds of terrorism and arrest the killers of the armed terrorist organizations or the remnants of the former regime and the death squads and sectarian militias and gangs, organized crime, Ministers stressed their support for action the Iraqi government to withdraw the illegal weapons and the provision of services and return the displaced to their areas and their homes and to achieve national reconciliation program.
Training of military and police forces
They also stressed their support for the Iraqi government's efforts to rebuild its security on a national basis, professional, and especially after receiving the security file for the whole of Iraq, and raise the volume of effective Arab participation in those efforts through training the Iraqi army and police and to contribute to effective human resources in the rehabilitation of Iraq.
National Reconciliation
The Foreign Ministers commended the efforts of the Arab Iraqi government aimed at achieving national reconciliation, security and stability through the issuance of a general amnesty and legal accountability and justice, which led to the release of detainees in custody who have not been proven guilty, as well as re-lots of reinstating in their former jobs.
Parliamentary and presidential elections
They also commended the progress in the political process in Iraq and the role of government in establishing the principle of democracy that has been successful for provincial elections in January 31, 2009 and the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan region of Iraq July 25, 2009.
Convention on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq
The Council took note of the Arab foreign ministers signed the Convention on the Iraq withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011, in addition to the Framework Convention's strategic relationship of friendship between Iraq and the United States, and has completed 6 States forces withdraw from Iraqi cities by the end of July 2009 based on signed agreements with driving forces in Iraq and restore its sovereignty over all its territory, as well as welcoming the decision of the UN Security Council Order No. 1859 of 2008
UAE's cancellation of the debt owed by Iraq
And praised the UAE to cancel the debt of Iraq and reaffirming the decision of the Damascus summit in this regard and to invite the Arab States to review Iraq's debt for the purpose of cancellation or reduction initiative like the Emirates
Respect for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the Arab and Islamic identity
He renewed the Arab Foreign Ministers emphasized the essential elements of the Arab perception of the political and security solution for Iraq is facing the most important respect for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the Arab and Islamic identity and to reject any claims for Tksmih, and stabilizing Iraq, and overcome the current crisis demands a parallel security and political crisis and address the causes of pulling out the roots of sectarian strife and terrorism and the achievement of the political process to ensure full participation of the various components of the Iraqi people, as well as the face of sectarian strife and work to permanently remove and reject groups that seek to foment sedition and the response and a comprehensive Iraqi reconciliation conference as soon as possible and appropriate.
Constitutional review of the controversial articles in the Constitution
And called for a speedy constitutional review of controversial articles in the Constitution so as to realize the Iraqi National Accord in accordance with mechanisms established and agreed upon, and the Iraqi government to resolve the various militias in Iraq, without exception, and end armed manifestations of aggression.
Situation of displaced persons in Iraq in the Arab host countries
They confirmed the decision of a special situation of displaced people in Iraq in the Arab host countries on the danger of exacerbating the crisis of displaced Iraqis in the Arab host countries, and called on Arab countries to expedite the provision of emergency aid in the special account opened by the Secretariat to support displaced people in the Arab host countries and contribute effectively to improve their living, humanity and alleviating the burdens borne by these countries.
They thanked the Arab countries hosting displaced Iraqis, the cost to secure the conditions for ensuring a decent living for displaced Iraqis and to invite them to facilitate the entry and residence of displaced persons and to provide a decent livelihood, to them, including health care and education for their children, according to economic conditions and applicable laws and regulations in the host countries, and urged Arab States to the Iraqis on its territory, especially those that host large numbers of them to return to their country after the great development and the significant security and stability of the situation.
Collection of voluntary contributions governmental and non-governmental organizations for displaced Iraqis
He called on Arab foreign ministers, international community, especially the competent bodies of the United Nations system organizations and the United States and the United States and donor countries to provide the necessary assistance by raising the financial contributions of the Arab countries hosting displaced Iraqis as quickly as possible.
They also called on the Iraqi government to provide more support to alleviate the burdens of the displaced in neighboring countries and to assist the countries hosting them and praise their efforts to alleviate the burdens of Iraqi refugees and provide the prerequisites for success in their speedy return to their homeland and re-enable a large number of displaced families to their home areas of origin.
They mandated the Secretariat to continue its efforts to collect voluntary contributions of governmental and non-governmental organizations to alleviate this crisis.

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