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Iran is putting a wall along the borders of Kurdistan

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Iran is putting a wall along the borders of Kurdistan

(Voice of Iraq) - 16/09/2009

PNA-Iran began to develop a wall extends to large distances on the border between East and North Kurdistan Kurdistan.

Mancherth According to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Islamic Republic of Iran began to develop a barrier on the border with the areas in the northern city of Core Kurdistan, as well as in villages in the Julmirk, and began to cut off the dirt roads in the region.

Did not speak the source of a high wall, but the length extends for a distance of 452 kilometers, so go vast distances between the north and east of Kurdistan Kurdistan.

And about the aim of developing such a wall, the source said that the objective, is to cut roads for the fighters (PJAK) and (PKK), as well as to prevent smugglers from driving in the region.

In contrast, people of the region expressed indignation and frustrations of this work, and considered action is not humane.

On this issue, "said Mokhtar, a villages in the area: the development of this wall is an affront to humanity, Islamic Republic of Iran is well aware that we have relatives in Iran, and the development of this wall is not necessary, because they laid the mines to the region.

He added: At a time when the world seeks to remove the border, Iran is due to the contrary.


Looks like iran don't want to get blamed any more for the trouble in iraq???

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