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VP Biden confirms Washington's commitment to full support of Baghdad

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VP Biden confirms Washington's commitment to full support of Baghdad


The first political: Biden confirms Washington's commitment to full support of Baghdad

Optimism the results of the parliamentary visit to U.S. Vice-President of the country
BAGHDAD - morning
Initiated by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, in Baghdad yesterday, described his talks with leaders and officials, where he reaffirmed his country's full support to Iraq and the application of the conventions signed between the two countries. In the meantime, deputies expressed their optimism on the outcome of the visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, the country's
Stressing the importance of strengthening ties between Baghdad and Washington, without interfering in the internal affairs as a national reconciliation.
Received Dr. Iyad al-Samarrai Chairman of the Board of Deputies vice president and his accompanying delegation.
The two sides discussed the latest developments in the political arena and ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, as new President al-Samarrai said in a statement received "morning," a copy of, and Iraq's desire to have international support in building democratic institutions and to address all outstanding issues.
The Vice President had arrived in Baghdad yesterday afternoon I, in an unannounced visit in advance, and the visit of Biden is the third to Iraq since the beginning of the current year and the second deputy for Obama, after visits in January and July two years.
For his part, Biden said his country's keenness to build strong bilateral relations between the two countries and resolve all files that hinder the achievement of this.
The samurai during the meeting, an explanation of the developments in the field of legislation relating to the forthcoming elections and the law of foreign investment, were also exchanged views on the subject of national reconciliation.
Sources familiar with the Emb***y of the United States has revealed the "morning", said Vice President Joseph Biden holds to the country's leaders a message of support from Barack Obama.
In the meantime, discussed Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi with U.S. Vice President ways to implement the agreements signed between the two countries.
The presidential statement said: "The vice president met yesterday afternoon, Biden and his entourage." Biden and the transfer of Abd al-Mahdi, the greetings of President Barack Obama, the two sides examined the political and security situations and ways of implementing the agreements signed between the two countries, since the focus was on economic issues as a prelude to strengthen the security and political situation in the country. The statement noted that "Biden said during the talks his country's commitment to strengthen relations with Iraq and the follow-up implementation of agreements signed between Baghdad and Washington, and in particular the Convention on the withdrawal of forces and strategic framework agreement."
In a related development, he met Deputy Prime Minister Rafie al-Issawi Joseph Biden.
During the meeting, according to a government statement received "morning," a copy of it, the meeting lasted about an hour in which the parties dealt with the overall political process and security in the country, in addition to the issue of the future of U.S. troops.
Within the parliamentary positions over the visit of U.S. Vice President of the country, said MP Abdul Karim al-Samarrai consensus that the mutual visits between Iraq and the United States is "a natural and important in this sensitive stage to open the prospect of new business with the aspirations of the country to end the occupation and the attainment of independence and the return of the country to perform his role in Neil sovereignty After a full U.S. withdrawal. " Samurai stressed in a statement the "morning" that "building a distinctive and sophisticated relations between Baghdad and Washington is important and should be at all levels, and there are many files need to be more dialogue between the parties and hope that the visits on the development of relations and to follow closely the withdrawal U.S. forces permanently from the Iraqi territory. " He pointed out that "most of the political files and security, economic and other are under the control of Iraqis, especially with the imminent U.S. withdrawal from Iraq without forgetting that Washington has an active impact on some blocks, but those files are and we have the politicians to resolve the contract, particularly the national reconciliation project, which must privilege to be an Iraqi, with the possibility that there will be a positive role of many parties to give effect to this project, "stressing that the government and political forces are responsible for bringing this role in order to touch its effects on the ground. And the samurai that "too many files have been addressed during the visit of U.S. Vice President, particularly the issue of joint forces in the disputed areas as an important subject that is contrary to the agreement with Washington and discuss the issue of the next election, in addition to the role of the United States to stop the intervention of neighboring countries in Iraqi affairs" . For his part, counting from the Kurdistan Alliance MP just Berwari Biden's visit to the country, it comes to support Iraq as a political project of great interest by the U.S. administration and recognizing in the region, especially after Wednesday's blasts, which were bloody is to try to topple the political process in the country. He Berwari the "morning": that "Biden is working to bring the views and improve the atmosphere and to bridge the gap between the political forces in Parliament, and between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the other hand, being reflected on the general situation in the country, as well as they affect the U.S. strategy in the region. " He noted that "Biden's visit reflects the American interest in the upcoming parliamentary elections and Washington's willingness to exert all their efforts for the success of the upcoming elections, despite the enemies of democracy to try to destabilize the situation and derail the political process through sabotage the forthcoming elections," explaining that "the task of Deputy Obama Emphasizes the continuing Iraq being given priority major policy and strategic U.S., especially when the two countries need each other



Jaafari attacking Biden and advised him to solve America's problems before resolving the issues of Iraq
Jaafari attacking Biden and advised him to solve America's problems before resolving the issues of Iraq

Friday, September 18th, 2009 09:01

Demanded that the Iraqis have a "self-sufficient" to deal with crises: the refusal of Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the efforts made by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, in his country, saying in his talk of "Arab" that the Iraqis do not need solutions imported from outside the border because they will not comes result.

The rejection of Jaafari as Biden and mediator in resolving disputes between the parties Iraqis, stressing that the mediator must be acceptable to all Parties and some are even not able to carry out its duties, and said that "Iraq is an Iraqi is the largest of all the Parties, and Lebanon to the greatest of all Lebanese parties Foreign Affairs, as well as America U.S. than any outside party to intervene in our affairs. "
When asked whether he was awarded the current Iraqi prime minister until October next to join the Iraqi National Coalition, denied that al-Jaafari said that the door is open to join the electoral process as long as the permit and as long as they are available in the personal qualities of national and non-sectarian and the desire to serve the country.
Jaafari was announced in August last year for the coalition in Baghdad, the Iraqi national alternative to the United Iraqi Alliance, which missed out on the new wing of the coalition's Dawa Party headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
And whether he agreed with Maliki that he said about the governor, acting dictatorship, he replied: "I have a concept of power is the ability to apply the law correctly and fairly, and the prime minister is considered the highest positions because it represents the parliamentary majority, and so-called dictatorship accusations bear the responsibilities of those charges, The Constitution does not give absolute power, Parliament has the right to ask the question and sack. "
On the other hand, al-Jaafari stressed the existence of "Lebanonization of Iraq," through the installation of the sectarian quotas in the country, saying: "There is no sectarian constitution, but there are exceptional circumstances experienced by the Iraqis are forced to deal with files that Iraqi sectarian manner, and there is another fact that, may not be ignoring one of all denominations and all nationalities, religions, sects and denominations represented in the government and parliament. "
And on the crisis between Baghdad and Damascus, he explained the "Arab": what happens between the two countries, the issue of timely and specific, and Syria's position from the opposition during the rule of Saddam Hussein was a supervisor, where he stood for the late Syrian President Hafez al-***ad in the face with the Arab consensus. He added: We reject prejudice to the security situation and the blood of the Iraqis, and we reject as well as a way to resolve the security problem waiting for us to resolve the consequences of the manner in which the problem is solved. "
He wished al-Jaafari to be the government's position clearer and more stable, and not interfere with any country in the internal affairs of Iraq, he said, demanding that there be "self-sufficiency" of Iraqis in resolving the crises of Interior, however, saying: "The regional intervention remains a lesser evil than international intervention solve Iraq's problems, and I think that Turkey is a good mediator. "

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