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Warning of attacks aimed at banks and transfers of staff salaries

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Warning of attacks aimed at banks and transfers of staff salaries Warning of attacks aimed at banks and transfers of staff salaries
(this Article Headlined 17/09/09)
File-Presse: U.S. military said Iraqi security forces and American troops in Baghdad and managed a quick response to the arrest of three suspects after the headquarters of the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone, a rocket attack on Tuesday evening, which coincided with the arrival of U.S. Vice-President of any of the capital Baghdad yesterday. The statement added that 11 soldiers from the Iraqi army with U.S. soldiers from the coalition forces after they came under fire they storming a house without mentioning the location of the target which was attacked and arrested 3 of the insurgency and set 3 (the bars for missiles) have not been used yet.
The statement said that Iraqi soldiers and U.S. soldiers came under small arms fire upon arrival to the scene of the shooting from a house near the target site. Soldiers from the joint patrol to conduct a maneuver to repel the fire and then the second group of soldiers detained three Iraqi men and the seizure of three bars of the missiles were believed to be used in the attack. The statement gave the area, arrested the suspects, but said the Iraqi forces and U.S. troops continued to conduct inspections of the persons responsible for the attack with small arms fire. He also said reports indicated traded to four rockets from 107 mm occurred near the Green Zone, causing no casualties, but one of the rockets landed close to the target compound, where a residential Qadisiyah fall killed a man and a woman. The incident is under investigation. It should be recalled that a police source said last night that two people were killed and five others injured by falling mortar shells at the Green Zone. The source said three mortar shells at areas around the U.S. Embassy and the fourth apartment in the district legislation inside the Green Zone, killing two people and wounding five others. He said he has been to locate the launch of missiles by the competent authorities which is the area between Palestine Street, Sadr City, east of Baghdad. He said security forces launched a raid campaign in Palestine Street in search of missile launchers and the eastern channel quoted security sources that a unit of special groups associated with the Quds, the commando led by Walid Saadi who carried out the attack left the scene. Meanwhile, security authorities have warned of the attacks perpetrated by armed groups aimed at banks and transfers of salaries, which have increased recently in the governorates of Basra and Babil and Baghdad believed that the money will be used in the political process with the approach of parliamentary Alantkhaban in January 2010, the last theft of the salaries of academic staff Fine Arts in Basra and $ 150 million dinars and police forces arrested eight wanted in a military operation in Baquba, capital of Diyala province. Major Ghalib Karkhi information officer in command of the Diyala police said in a statement today that the strength of the Diyala police arrested eight wanted by the judicial authorities in a military operation within the city of Baquba and its outskirts. He said the detainees belonged to armed groups linked to al Qaeda. By another woman was killed and five civilians were wounded when a roadside bomb this morning amid the Elimination of Fallujah in Anbar province. And a police source said today that the bomb exploded targeting a police patrol in the area of luxury. He said the explosion did not result in any damage to life or property in the journal. In Kirkuk, said an officer in the police station Mekdad, was found on a Christian doctor was kidnapped two months ago to South Rooms of the city. The Colonel Ghazi Ali said that police forces found on Tuesday evening a Christian doctor, Samir Youssef Kourkis in region 1 and June truce was kidnapped two months ago by unknown assailants. He pointed out that signs of torture appeared on the body of a doctor. Meanwhile, militants hit a house east of Nasiriyah, an Iraqi security, at a time when the security forces managed to seize More than ten explosive devices south of the city. Quoted on the network news Nasiriyah, Major General Said Fatlawi morning, police director-general of Dhi Qar, the gunmen threw two bombs on the beeps house belonging to the component works in the Nasiriyah police, a bomb was dismantled, one with the other. He added that the house which is located in a neighborhood east of Nasiriyah, not subjected to any damage, none of the occupants was hurt. Meanwhile, emergency police battalion was able to seize the eighth 12 an explosive device in the form of a tank mines were found in the area of the sash and a suburb of the elderly market - 30 km south of Nasiriyah.

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