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Bahaa al-describes the American withdrawal from the cities to "lie"

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Bahaa al-describes the American withdrawal from the cities to "lie"

MP Bahaa al-Sadr's bloc, "The U.S. withdrawal from the cities lie and should not be ratified, the fact that the most important thing in this withdrawal has not been achieved, an issue of sovereignty and national decision." He added: "The Iraqi people did not believe this lie, which is heard in the statements and data from the American side admitting killing U.S. soldiers and the destruction mechanisms, reflecting the continued U.S. military presence in cities. "
Araji questioned U.S. assurances about the presence of U.S. troops in the city for the purpose of consultation, said: "The U.S. presence in cities is unacceptable no matter what, the fact that the security agreement is clear and provides a holistic out to the Americans from Iraqi cities, and as long as the Iraqi side committed them, they are obliged to the other party ". He continued:" We made clear repeatedly that this agreement contract of adhesion, because one side is strong and the other is weak, the Iraqi side. "He pointed out that" there is clear evidence the U.S. military presence in the cities, including the arrests taking place on a daily basis and continuously among Iraqis either directly or with the participation of American. "

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