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Talabani: The United Nations confirmed its responsiveness to the demands of Iraq

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Political first: Talabani: The United Nations confirmed its responsiveness to the demands of Iraq

Announced his rejection of the use of national airspace to bomb Iran .. Shows trends and Zebari governmental counterparts of the countries of the world
BAGHDAD - morning
Asked President Jalal Talabani, the United Nations to send a special envoy to investigate the facts about the recent terrorist acts, and speed to drive Iraq from Chapter VII of money, he should respond to weight behind the national demands.

In the meantime, Iraq renewed its total rejection of using the airspace to bomb areas in Iran.

Invite the international community to support the country
The President Talabani during a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to participate actively in overseeing and contributing to the success of parliamentary elections scheduled for the sixteenth of January next.
ونقل بيان رئاسي تسلمت"الصباح"نسخة منه عن الطالباني قوله: ان "هذه العملية الديمقراطية المهمة ستشكل منعطفا مصيريا في مسيرة العراق الجديد نحو ترسيخ دولة المؤسسات الدستورية، حيث تستطيع الامم المتحدة ان تلعب دورا مهما في تقديم الدعم اللوجستي والاشراف على هذه الممارسة الديمقراطية من خلال تعيين مراقبين دوليين لهذه المهمة ".
And the transfer of a presidential statement, has received a "morning," a copy of it quoted Talabani as saying: "This democratic process, the task will be a fateful turning point in Iraq's march towards the consolidation of the new state constitutional institutions, where the UN can play an important role in providing logistical support and supervision of the practice of democracy through the appointment of international observers to this mission. "
حرصه على حفظ السلام والامن العالميين اللذين تناضل الامم المتحدة من اجلهما".
The new President of the Republic during the meeting which was attended by a number of officials from both sides, demanding the UN Security Council to work to get Iraq out of Chapter VII of money, saying in this regard: "The time has come to lift the decisions and penalties imposed under this chapter, the lack of justification for the continued subordination of Iraq of those sanctions, "adding that" Iraq has proved through its dealings with the international organization and agencies and other organizations over the past years his commitment to keeping world peace and security, which the United Nations stands for them. "
He urged the United Nations to "appoint a special envoy of high-level inquiry into the terrorist attacks against Iraqis, and that this Mission will be responsible for detecting and identifying the parties and those responsible for terrorist acts and crimes against Iraqis Mkunathm and all social strata.
التدخلات الخارجية.
It is said that sources had revealed the "morning" last Friday, said Talabani will discuss with UN Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York, Iraq's request for an international tribunal for the punishment of those involved bloody bombings Wednesday and send a special UN envoy to investigate the facts about foreign interference.
الايجابي واسهامه الفاعل في الاسرة الدولية.
The statement noted that the Secretary-General Kofi Annan shared the position of President Talabani of these demands, valuing the pivotal role in the leadership of Iraq, and wishing to continue the effort to set up the best versions of the peaceful coexistence of peoples, and peace and stability prevail in Iraq, and Iraq regains its positive role and contribution in the effective the international community.
The head of the Presidential Office, Dr. Naseer al-Ani said "morning" in a telephone interview from New York yesterday evening, "President Talabani will meet in Washington during the next few days Obama and senior officials there to discuss the development of political and economic relations between the two countries," noting that "discussions will include the application of the withdrawal of troops and activating the strategic framework agreement, in addition to file the next legislative elections, as well as economic and investment cooperation ", noting at the same time that the President will show positive developments in the country and the democratic process."

بغداد تحض على حوار مباشر بين الغرب وايران
Baghdad urges direct dialogue between the West and Iran
في غضون ذلك، اكد الطالباني ان فرض عقوبات دولية جديدة على ايران لن ينجح في خفض النشاط النووي لطهران.
In the meantime, Talabani said that the imposition of new UN sanctions on Iran will not succeed in reducing Tehran's nuclear activity.
وقال في مؤتمر صحفي عقده في نيويورك مساء امس الاول، ان "على الدول الست (الولايات المتحدة وروسيا والصين وفرنسا وبريطانيا والمانيا) التي تضطلع بمتابعة الملف النووي الايراني الدخول في "مفاوضات حقيقية" مع طهران وان تضمن حق الاخيرة في تطوير الطاقة النووية للاغراض السلمية.
He said in a press conference held in New York on Tuesday evening, said that "the six countries (the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany), which play a follow-up to the Iranian nuclear file entry in the" real negotiations "with Tehran, and guarantee the right of the last to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
وشدد رئيس الجمهورية على ان العراق طالب ومازال يطالب بجعل منطقة الشرق الاوسط منطقة خالية من الاسلحة النووية، قائلا: "نحن ندعم حق كل دول المنطقة في تطوير الطاقة النووية لاغراض سلمية، ولكننا نعارض انتاج الاسلحة النووية في الشرق الاوسط".
The President of the Republic demanded that Iraq still demanding to make the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons, saying: "We support the right of all countries in the region to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but we are opposed to the production of nuclear weapons in the Middle East."
وبشأن احتمال قيام اسرائيل بشن غارات جوية على المنشآت النووية الايرانية قال الطالباني: "لن يسمح العراق لأية دولة باستخدام الاراضي والاجواء العراقية في شن اي عدوان على ايران، موضحا بالقول: "بالطبع نحن قلقون من احتمال اندلاع اي حرب جديدة في منطقة الشرق الاوسط، فنحن من دعاة احـــلال الاســتقرار في هــذه المنطقة."
And on the possibility that Israel could launch air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, "Talabani said:" We will not allow Iraq to any country using Iraqi territory and airspace to launch any attack on Iran, saying said: "Of course we are worried about possible outbreak of a new war in the Middle East, we advocates of stability in this region. "
للمنظمة الدولية، "رد ردا ايجابيا على هذا الطلب".
With respect to its call for the moon to send a high-level delegation of the UN to Baghdad to investigate all the attacks and crimes committed against the Iraqi people, the President declared that the Secretary General of the International Organization, "responded a positive response to this demand."
The President Talabani of Iraq gave a speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations at its fifty-fourth session last Thursday, as it warned of the dangers of foreign intervention and called on the international community to take the country out of Chapter VII, debt relief and increased diplomatic representation, in addition to its claim to speed up the formation of an international court for punishment of those involved bombings Baghdad last month, and send a special UN envoy to assess the regional interventions.

زيباري يشارك في اجتماعين دوليين
Zebari participate in two international meetings
وفي نيويورك، شارك وزير الخارجية هوشيار زيبــاري في اجتماع مجمـــوعة الـ 6+3+1
In New York, attended by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told a meeting of the Group of 6 +3 +1
اضافة الى الولايات المتحدة الاميركية".
A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "The meeting addressed a number of topics of interest to security and stability in the region and culminated in the issuance of a statement containing the main issues, particularly the Middle East," noting that "the group includes both the GCC, Egypt and Jordan in addition to the United States of America ".
كما شارك الوزير زيباري في اجتماع الترويكا الاوروبية الذي عقد في مقر ممثلية السويد لدى الامم المتحدة في نيويورك امس الاول.
Minister Zebari also participated in the meeting of the European troika, which was held at the Representation of Sweden to the United Nations in New York yesterday.
The meeting reviewed the level of development in European relations - Iraq, and evaluation of assistance and support of the European Union and European countries, either through donor funds, or through direct support for the political process and reconstruction in Iraq.
على اثر الهجوم الارهابي الذي تعرضت له بغداد في 19 من الشهر الماضي.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs made a presentation to the rapid-Iraqi relations - Europe, and the level of progress in the implementation of memoranda of understanding and Trade and Cooperation Agreement concluded between the parties as provided Zebari according to a statement received "morning," a copy of, a briefing on the diplomatic effort undertaken by the Government of Iraq after the terrorist attack that was subjected to Baghdad in 19 of the last month.
He stressed that what was required from the international community must assume its responsibilities in the global fight against terrorism and help Iraq in its application for designation by the United Nations high-level representative to assess the level of foreign intervention in terrorist operations in Iraq and its impact on the security and stability.
وأكدت الترويكا الاوروبية موقفها المساند للعراق ووقوفها معه في تصديه للعمليات الارهابية.
The European troika position supportive of Iraq and standing with him in addressing the terrorist operations.

تحركات لعرض توجهات الحكومة
Movements to view the directions of government
وفي اطار متصل، دعا وزير الخارجية الحكومة والشركات الاسترالية الى الاستثمار في العراق.
In the framework of connected, Foreign Minister and the Government of Australian companies to invest in Iraq.
جاء ذلك خلال لقائه نظيره الاسترالي ستيفن سميث في مقر الامم المتحدة.
This came during a meeting with his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith at the United Nations.
واشار زيبوانجاحه.
Zebari said that the opportunities available and accessible and Iraq will, for his part in providing appropriate assistance provided by the law on investment in Iraq in order to facilitate the work of Australian companies and success.
According to a statement of Foreign Affairs received "morning," a copy of it, "The Australian Minister expressed his sympathy with Iraq and its condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and stood with him in the battle against terrorism."
By another research and Foreign Minister with his Iranian counterpart, Manouchehr Mottaki, the activation of joint committees, which regulates relationships between the two countries in various fields. A statement by the Foreign Ministry, said Zebari and Mottaki reviewed the key issues and international changes and their impact on peace and security in the region. "
والتقى وزير الخارجية ايضا على هامش اعمال الجمعية العمومية بدورتها الرابعة والستين، نظيره العماني يوسف بن عبد الله.
The Foreign Minister also on the sidelines of the General Assembly its thirty-fourth session, his Omani counterpart Yusuf bin Abdullah.
The two sides examined ways Ttoiralalaguet between the two countries and their role in strengthening security and stability in the region, and the need to continue exchanging views on this. "Zebari presented during the meeting briefed on developments in the political and economic conditions and security in Iraq, and diplomatic move which by the government after the terrorist attack, which involved a Baghdad in 19 of last August, and the reasons that pushed Iraq to the demand from the United Nations to designate a representative high-level assessment of the level of foreign intervention that affect the security and stability of Iraq. "
من جانبه اكد الوزير العماني وقوف بلاده الى جانب العراق في معركته ضد الارهاب، وادانته لهذه العمليات الاجرامية..
For his part, the Omani minister pledged his country by Iraq in its fight against terrorism, and condemnation of this criminal operation ..

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