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OFF the Saudi forex forum...HUH??

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1 OFF the Saudi forex forum...HUH?? on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:35 pm


Pulled this off of Saudi's forex forum about the dinar...yes it's arabic lingo but any ideas what this guy is trying to say???

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May become a millionaire if God wills million Iraqi dinars, the original edition

Million Iraqi dinars, 25000 Dinars-Category money-back guarantee
Dinar before the occupation was ten million dinars, Ariel means ten million riyals
But after the war revealed the currency to the bottom of the bottom
But the time is said luck does not come only once age thought if I came back Iraq's security and stability, as rumors that, God willing, wait for a million dinars, climb, and become a millionaire if he wants, and, God willing,
KUWAIT, as it was during the Israeli occupation Ka Real sold and bought by the text of Real jumped to ten, Ariel and more
Of course, I see million Iraqi dinars for sale currently in circulation and sound and internationally recognized
Wali Ttersi it sells do not think God may wait up to Iraq's security and stability in and look at how soon after settled a million dinars
I have a million kilometers Ibga the life of God
And blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad

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