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Iraq Tuesday looking all outstanding issues between the two countries

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Iraq Tuesday looking all outstanding issues between the two countries

اخبار العراق Iraq News786

تاريخ النشر 02/10/2009 08:41 AM Posted 02/10/2009 08:41 AM

Kuwait (Iraq News) revealed, director of coordination and follow in the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Khalid Moghames, of a meeting of the Technical Committee of Iraq - Kuwait on Tuesday to discuss the All outstanding issues between the two countries and further elaborated, noting that "the Iraqi government understands and responds to all issues, especially with regard to Kuwaiti property. "

Word of Ambassador Moghames came on the sidelines Participation pm yesterday in a ceremony hosted by the Iraqi embassy at its headquarters in Daiya on the anniversary of the passage of 40 days on the Black Wednesday bombings that took place on 19 August With the participation of a number of ambassadors and representatives of Diplomatic missions and mobilization of the sons of the Iraqi community in Kuwait . .

The Ambassador Moghames that "the process of demarcating the border between the two countries has ended and the border issue relating to water The continental shelf between Kuwait and Iraq and Iran,"while denying the rumors to stop The Iraqi government to compensate property owners Kuwaitis in Iraq, which was confiscated by the system The former, stressing "the understanding of Iraq and his response to these issues," indicating that "these issues Will be discussed during the forthcoming bilateral meetings between the two countries ", pointing out that he" had been restricted All of these properties, but not delivered to their owners so far, "

On the other hand, in Regarding the release of Kuwaiti prisoners at Guantanamo, said that Ambassador Moghames Final arrangements to hand over the detainees will expire this month, wishing that "is The release of the rest in the near future, "referring to" U.S. delegation to visit recently and toured the Center for Rehabilitation prepared for the rehabilitation of released prisoners, "explaining that" Kuwait has already received 8 detainees And is awaiting receipt of Khaled Al-Mutairi, Fouad Al Rabia, who were freed by the Court without To condemn them, saying to the possibility of trial in Kuwait after the return " "Kuwait will exercise its law on everyone."

On the other hand, Ambassador of Moghames Sympathy with the relatives of the victims of terrorist bombings, saying "Kuwait's condemnation of all forms of permanent Terrorism "

In a speech during the ceremony, the ambassador Moghames that "the participation of the Kuwait in sympathy with the victims of this vicious attack on the instructions of Hazrat- His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, who ordered to send a Kuwaiti plane to transport Iraqi wounded for treatment in hospitals in Kuwait and to provide all medical care, the (4) من ا Reception (14) injured, most of them left after completion of treatment is still there (4) of the injured Receiving the necessary treatment " . .

He added, "Kuwait has donated the amount of (10) million dollars for the victims of Explosions wrong to contribute to the easing their suffering, and Kuwait condemns all acts of العراق Violence wishes of the Almighty that there might be security, stability and prosperity throughout Iraq Brother, "stressing that" Iraq and Kuwait are neighbors prevail relationship of brotherhood and good - Neighborliness and good "

In turn, described the Iraqi Chargé d'affaires Ahmed Jarba bombings Black Wednesday "the worst character," since the fall of the former regime, pointing to the large number of martyrs ا Who died in these bombings as the number of wounded exceeded 700 injured, in addition to targeting Bombings of the ministries of a sovereign and government officials, saying that "the bombings were a strong and organized " Indicates the presence of supported devices and left behind " . .

He added that "The Iraqi government promised the people of Keep open the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of the bombings and bring them to justice, "he said Security measures taken by the Government to strengthen its borders and to contribute to reducing attacks And prevent the entry of hackers play a role in the improved security situation, declining to comment on the delay Appointed Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait, despite the Iraqi parliament to approve a list of ا Officials » » " "

a speech before an audience Jarba said, "We celebrate today the anniversary of الدولة، Forty days for the crime of Black Wednesday, which aimed at ministries and state institutions And of the civilians, and killed more than (one hundred and five) of the martyrs and more than seven hundred Wounded Iraqi citizens, including (forty-three) martyrs of the staff of the Ministry of Iraqi Foreign Ministry, in addition to the legacy of this crime of sabotage and destruction of some State institutions, especially the Foreign Ministry compound, which includes five main buildings,Damaged damaged all of the different medium to high, and residential complex fitness Near the ministry, the Finance Ministry building and a bridge Muhammad al-Qasim near him " . .

He said ""This insidious crime of terrorism, but does not reflect the real face of terrorism, which aims and its people, this is the ugly face, which aims to destroy Iraq and its people, infrastructure And institutions, present and future, history and civilization " . .

\He pointed out that "Black Wednesday Our chagrin determined to continue to build democratic and prosperous Iraq, free uniform, "he said "Pictures of this insistence to start the reconstruction of the Foreign Ministry compound since the next day Black to Wed, with the rehabilitation of three of the five main buildings, and hopefully complete \\Rehabilitation of one of the remaining buildings within a few days, while the main building, which is concentrated Efforts are now for the rehabilitation is expected to be completed within a few months. "

As for the wounded He referred to "the initiative of many countries to treat the wounded, the terrorist bombing, art by brothers And friendship, to Iraq and the participation in the nation, including Kuwait, UAE, Kingdom of Jordan Turkey, France, Germany and Spain, and expressed his thanks to the Kuwait Amir, the Government and people of \\ On the initiative of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad in the treatment of the injured Iraqis, who numbered fourteen wounded, ten of whom completed treatment, and Tmathloa \Recovered and returned to their homeland, and four of them were still receiving treatment in hospitals in Kuwait بكل عناية واهتمام" The utmost care and attention " . .

\He stressed that "the crime of Black Wednesday and other crimes, \\Committed by criminals against the Iraqi people, will not prevent us from providing more effort Sincere and good for the Iraqi people, and we remain faithful to the blood of martyrs " . .

For his part, stressed the representative of the The Iraqi community in Kuwait, Sheikh Tariq that the "march of democracy in Iraq \ Will continue despite the ugliness of the crime will not discourage anything about the Iraqis continue to establish Democracy, "adding that" criminals wanted by targeting the Ministries of sovereign ". Iraq to thwart the democratic process. "

\He thanked the leadership of Sheikh of Kuwait and the Government and people \On "the role was and still is doing to help the Iraqi people", calling for "stand\ \Continuing with the Iraqi people to be up to the shore of safety and security . . " "


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